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Mary's Medicinals CBN Capsules


Mary's Medicinals' CBN Capsules tend to deliver a sleepy and relaxed buzz with a drowsy comedown. These are your alternative sleeping pills. They are very likely to put you to sleep. Much like overdoing it with melatonin, you will wake up feeling groggy if you take this too late in the night. Start with one capsule when you're winding down and starting your bedtime routine to catch the right amount of Z's.

The Proper Report

As our committee rates CBN Capsules, we capture their experience in real time through our ratings app and report everything back here.

The info below is based on at least four sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Pre-flight Characteristics




Effects Felt During Ratings





Potency Measurement

Head High


Body High


The Score

Ranked 18 of 34 in Pills for feeling Relaxed.

CBN Capsules
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


5mg CBN



Serving Size

1 capsule

Package Contents/Qty

30 capsules (150mg CBN)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life





Powdered cellulose, vegan capsules, cannabis extract, beta carophyllene, linalool

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November 28th, 2022
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