Sleep Releaf Capsules



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2mg CBD, 4mg THC, 1mg CBN
Serving Size
1 capsule

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Expert Review

A Sleep Potion In Pill Form

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 01, 2021 · 5 min read

Papa & Barkley’s Sleep Releaf Capsules will settle your mind and send you to bed.

In Review: Each bottle of Papa & Barkley’s Sleep Releaf Capsules contains 30 vegan, solventless pills with a 2:4:1mg ratio of CBD, THC, & CBN. These little green saviors offer an intake experience that’s easy on the stomach, and a consistent high that hits fast for a calming effect that will chill you out before it knocks you out. These sleep aids will be your silver bullet against tossing and turning, while also addressing any nagging aches, pains or anxiety that would usually leave you starting at the ceiling.

Papa & Barkley’s Sleep Releaf Capsules are a flavorless, vegan option that I took at night in hopes of falling, and staying, asleep. The night prior was fairly harrowing. I’d been out with the fellas from the steel mill (I don’t really work in a steel mill, but I did go out to the bar, that part is true). At any rate, the fellas and I got good and sloshed, and I didn’t get what I would consider to be sound sleep. So needless to say, I felt pretty terrible the following morning. These are the perils of celebrating one's birthday in your middle ages.

About Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is a leading manufacturer of cannabis-infused topicals that provide immediate physical comfort and pain relief. The company was founded by Adam Grossman, who was inspired by his critically ill father's experience with a topical he created that helped ease his chronic pain, regain mobility and ultimately return home to be reunited with his beloved dog, Barkley. This topical would go on to become the first ever P&B Releaf Balm, which has since helped countless more find comfort along the way.