No.88 - OG Handroll Medium



Product Details

24.90% THC
Spices, Earthy

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Monogram No. 88 is the James Bond of Joints

Review by Kelly Graham

Mar 01, 2021 · 4 min read

Celebrate in style with the pre-roll ready for a black-tie affair on a mega yacht.

IN REVIEW: Whether you’re partying for your dog’s birthday, christening your new apartment or just looking for a reason to elevate your everyday, Monogram will make you feel like a boss in any situation. From the ultra-sleek packaging to flavorful puffs and a complex aroma, No.88 completes its mission to make you feel blissful and free with style and class. Expect the type of top-shelf experience and clean effects you’ll want to reach for again and again.

It’s a rare occasion that your joint is dressed better than you are—so when I picked up Monogram’s sleek No. 88 pre-roll, I knew this joint should be reserved for a special affair. And if you ask me, few things are more major than the release of your boyfriend’s book. I mean, it’s a whole dang BOOK for goodness sake.

So when my boyfriend invited me over to not only celebrate the release, but also get the privilege of receiving one of the first hard copies, it went without saying that this was cause for some serious celebration. Without hesitation, I grabbed my coat, my shoes, and Monogram’s No. 88 pre-roll on the way out of the door.