Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack



Product Details

26.36% THC, 0.95% CBD
Chocolate, Herbal

Product Description

The Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack delivers five premium joints that carry an enticing chocolate flavor. From aroma to texture to taste to high, these are a perfect 10. The hybrid flower of the pre-rolls should leave you in a buzzy euphoria, heightening every sensation to a new degree. That makes this a versatile high, so absorb yourself in anything from a date night to new creative pursuits.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

An Intoxicating High That Feels Too Good To Be Legal

Review by Kate Ryan

Jun 07, 2018 · 5 min read

Did I mention this is really good weed? It’s really good weed.

Whether they’re rolled in an alleyway by a highly skilled friend or prepped and packed en masse by a brand, I do not discriminate when it comes to cannabis cigarettes. That said, I’ve smoked my fair share of inconsistently ground, poorly rolled, awkwardly burning jays and paid the price via a scratchy throat or jacket covered in ash. Right now we’re seeing a lot of pre-rolls enter the cannabis space that look really fucking cool but don’t necessarily deliver on the experience front. You know what I’m talking about: the cones stuffed with a random mix of low-quality buds and trim, the mislabeled packages that lead to many a disappointing mystery high, the poorly packed joints that don’t smoke right at all. Sure, embracing the unknown may be fine for the occasional house party joint, but expensive packs you buy with your hard-earned cash? Not so much.

The strain has simultaneously embedded itself in culture and remained shrouded in mystery.