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Hands down the most productive weed I’ve ever smoked. Sitting down on my balcony editing photos and enjoying some sunshine.



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Like the single malt whiskey of pre-rolls. Sourced from one strain of weed and pre-rolled for effortless consumption. Ignite, inhale, take it slow.





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Dry Mouth


Lemon Skunk, OG #18

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Two 0.75g joints


There’s Nothing Lazy About This Lemon OG

Most indica strains put people on the couch, but this one turned me into a workhorse.

I did a very millennial thing last week and quit my job to focus more on my emotional and physical health and grow my personal business. With more "free" hours in the day and less structure, I went in search of a strain that would keep my head clear and pack a punch of productivity. I've always said my brain is a bit backwards—when others go up, I go down. So, I wasn't too surprised when the indica-dominant Lemon OG flower by Gabriel Cannabis did just that for me.

I was hooked and happy; I’d officially found my go-to work weed.

Testing at 24.6% THC, Gabriel’s website states, “Lemon OG provides a quick-acting sleepy head sensation.” This couldn’t be more untrue for me. After four or five hits of the citrusy strain, I could write a novel while simultaneously walking my dog and baking a cake. The cross between Lemon Skunk and OG #18 gives Lemon OG a distinctly hard-hitting and fast high. It took me on a cerebral journey that caused intense focus and a burst of creative energy, which I clearly didn’t mind. Over the course of a few hours, I built out six weeks’ worth of email campaigns and finished my laundry. I didn't even “fluff the dryer” to avoid folding my clean clothes. The whole experience reminded me of a super catchy jingle about meth the Office of National Drug Control Policy put out in the ‘90s. I was hooked and happy; I’d officially found my go-to work weed.

Right about now you’re probably wondering what the catch is. I’ll get to that, but first let me fill you in on a little background. As most of you know, Seattle is famous for coffee and I myself happen to be an addict. My grandpa who admittedly drinks three to five pots of coffee a day started me young with a double tall vanilla latte and a donut. I loved our trips to the coffee shop. He'd spark up a Pall Mall while I sparked up a conversation with the barista about the latest episode of The Simpsons. A true child of the ‘80s, hormone-rich milk, sugar, caffeine, and secondhand smoke were all a natural part of many summer days.

Slightly more conscious of my health now, I opt for hemp milk, Ellenos Greek yogurt, and high-quality weed. As I mentioned above, I figured Gabriel’s Lemon OG strain would be a foolproof addition to my productivity-enhancing routine. So, on an average work-week morning, I stopped by Uncle Ike's and bought another two-pack of Gabriel joints for $13 and lit up. Hopped up on sugar and too much caffeine, I was soon teetering on the apex of productivity and frivolous Google searching. Determined to get something done, I opted for a little physical activity.

I lit the rest of the Lemon OG pre-roll and took in all the side-eye.

Seattle is also known for its hills—not quite San Francisco level, but close. There are many magical pathways and sets of stairs connecting downtown to Capitol Hill, making for some built-in cardio opportunities. On any given day you'll see an intense CrossFit guy, someone with a giant backpack full of rocks, and people like me, mere cardio dabblers trying not to puke or die. Slogging up some stairs with a belly full of hemp milk, my pulse seemed to escalate to unsafe levels. Sweating and paranoid my heart was going to explode, I slowed to a snail's pace and made the steep climb once. Feeling triumphant like I just summited Everest, I lit the rest of the Lemon OG pre-roll and took in all the side-eye from fellow my urban hikers.

Being a veteran smoker, I knew exactly what I was getting into selecting a new strain for long work days. Thanks to many years of experience with the herb, I know my own body chemistry intimately and how to course correct if my high veers off its intended path. But if you’re unsure where to start, here are a few questions to think about on the way to the dispensary: How do you want to feel? What’s your preferred method of consumption? What activities are you trying to complete or enjoy? Over time, you’ll get a better sense of how your body reacts to different strains and consumption methods. No matter where you’re at, if your budtender offers you a 100mg indica edible for anything other than crashing on your couch for three days, find a new peddler. 

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