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Good Brands Northern Lights Pre-Roll


Good Brands' Northern Lights Pre-Roll is packed with indica flower and a bitter pine flavor. Once you sink into the heavy high, you'll likely feel balanced and relaxed. Just a few puffs can get set off a lengthy mood boost that sticks around for a while, so take advantage by taking a mindful moment for yourself or an intimate one with your partner.

Ranked 4 of 105 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 4 of 105 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Northern Lights Pre-Roll
Product Information

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24% THC

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Dry Mouth


Afghani, Thai

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One 1g joint


A Soothing High For A Stressful Moving Day

Just when I thought moving day stress would get the best of me, this pre-roll came along.

It’s been said that moving house is among the most stressful life events in the human experience—or at least that’s how I feel about it. Unfortunately, that’s where I happened to find myself on the day Good Flower’s Northern Lights pre-roll crossed my path. I was approaching the ever-encroaching move date with the same excitement I reserve for dentist appointments (ahem, not much). This experience of moving your whole life from one place to another feels ten-fold excruciating when you’re single, live by yourself, and all of your friends and family are too busy or too far away to help. I used to think moving must be the most stressful for couples because they’d do nothing but argue over where to put the credenza and which mid-century shade of gray to paint the walls.

I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but...

But—surprise, surprise—it can be just as stressful when the only accountability buddy you have is yourself. You have to “throw out before you move out,” right? You have to be ruthless and brutal about KonMari-ing your entire existence and polishing it up into something that looks like a version of yourself that’s been spring-cleaned on speed. Yeah, that can cause a bit of stress, too. I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but I do have a tendency to hold onto small trinkets for a long time because of their sentimental value. (I don’t care what you say Marie Kondo, I’m keeping my books.) This latest move has found me pretty consistently throwing out, returning, or donating anything I either don’t have room for, don’t need, or can no longer use. I’ve always been a big fan of decluttering, but there’s something about really scanning every item you own and asking yourself if it does indeed spark joy.

But first, I had to literally spark up. Only then could I see the work I’d cut out for myself and the calm that would be required to get it done properly. At first whiff, this Northern Lights joint by Good Flower holds such an impressively sweet aroma, it immediately helped me forget that I’d have zero help packing and organizing this move. I’ll go ahead and agree with whoever gave single-strain joints the “single malt whiskey of pre-rolls” badge, because this Nothern Lights variety was one of the smoothest smokeables—start to finish—that I’ve come across in the last few years. Its flavor profile was well-rounded and inviting, with sweet and earthy pine notes. I barely noticed when the smoke snuck its way into my lungs because I was too focused on how elegant and smooth the inhalation was.

Not only did the stress and anxiety from the impending relocation melt away; I was then emotionally dipped in a layer of high-grade Dutch dark chocolate ganache. At its strongest point, the high I got from this pre-roll was consuming, like put on some zone-out music and fairy lights kind of vibe. My advice for getting the most out of this high? Don’t do what I did and mindlessly wrap small drinking glasses in their own individual junk mail cocoons unless you want to approach buzzkill territory. That said, it did its job as far as helping me unwind and start finding the hints of joy in my transition throughout the evening.

I didn't need to smoke more to feel uplifted and content for the rest of the day.

It was during my second session that I observed this gem of a pre-roll also benefits from timing. I took two generous puffs two hours before going on a three-hour hike. The hike was superbly pleasant, and the effects completely wore off before the end. I prefer a moderate high while I’m hiking, especially if I get to finish with a clear head, so that was an ideal surprise benefit of this joint. It also became clear during the second session that the length of the high is comparable to its strength. I didn't need to smoke more to feel uplifted and content for the rest of the day, which makes me feel like I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck, too. All in all, Good Flower has done very well here. Their Northern Lights pre-roll is an absolute value for my money and should sit next to any top shelf pre-roll in the game. With this one, I’d say treat yourself, or repay your cannabis enthusiasts for a favor they might have done (like help you move) with a couple of these pre-rolls. Then go back and treat yourself again. 

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