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Good Fortune Sativa Pack


Good Fortune's Sativa Pack delivers a lush experience upon opening its gold-leafed box. The average high will leave you light and floaty with a serious mood boost and a strong case of the munchies. That said, those munchies will make what you're eating feel like an episode of Chef's Table, and the social buzz of the high makes this the right joint to pass around at a dinner party. It's productive and flexible.

Ranked 14 of 27 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 14 of 27 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Focused.

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Sativa Pack
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22.7% THC

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Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth


Quantum Kush

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Five 0.8 joints


There’s Nothing Like Energizing, Anytime Herb

If there’s any time to crush that buffet, it’s after you smoke one of these puppies.

Fancy aesthetics and exceptional branding can’t surpass the basics of a finely rolled joint. When searching for high-quality components like crutch size, grind consistency, and flower to stem ratios (i.e. all flower and no stem ideally), I try not to stray too far from what I consider to be grade-A. As a budtender, I don’t want to peddle anything that isn’t up to snuff, and the more awesome brands there are, the easier my job gets. After trying a new pack of high-end pre-rolls recently, I think I’ve finally found just the right thing to offer my customers.

Just opening the box can make you feel like you’ve won the golden ticket to a high-end cannabis chocolate factory. 

Let me start by putting it simply: Good Fortune’s Sativa Pre-Roll Packs are absolutely killer. They’ve managed to beautifully balance appealing packaging with a product that really nails the finer points of a great smoke. If you’re looking for the motivation to get that mess of a room clean or have some friends over for long-overdue gossip, Good Fortune has got your back. Filled with four Quantum Kush joints with an additional 24k gold-wrapped joint, just opening the box can make you feel like you’ve won the golden ticket to a high-end cannabis chocolate factory. Filled with a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Timewreck and Sweet Irish Kush, Good Fortune’s sativa pre-rolls are sure to have you feeling light, happy, and a tinge hungry.

A slow and even burn accompanied by a perfectly fine but not too coarse grind left me smoking for much longer than I initially anticipated. It seemed fitting to kick back with some tunes for this one, and I’m glad I did. The smoke was clear and smooth with a faint but noticeable hop flavor. As the high set in, I felt a high-octane euphoria that left me wanting to talk to anyone within shouting distance. Being incredibly awkward in social settings normally, it was a nice surprise to feel so chatty. Despite being a strong high, I still felt clear and confident throughout the experience. On another occasion, smoking these pre-rolls felt like drinking a big cup of coffee—sans the jittery side effects. While it may not be the limitless pill of our biotech sci-fi fantasies, it is some energizing herb. Personally, I think this pack would be perfect for a date night out, hanging with friends, or even a buffet-style meal. If there’s any time to crush that buffet, it’s after you smoke one of these puppies.

Overall, the effects and the construction of the pre-rolls impressed me.

At $78 for a pack of five pre-rolls, these are no doubt an expensive buy for the average consumer. For that price, I do wish the flavor was more profound. While they were perfect in just about every other way, the flavor was somewhat lacking and not what I’d expect for a pre-roll in this price range. That said, the quality and ease of the smoking experience make them tempting to say the least. The 24k gold wrapping might be a little kitschy, but it also makes this pack stand out as a treat-yourself buy or an impressive gift. I can see the virtue in flashy joints, but I also see the benefit of having a comparable, mid-price staple. To each their own, as I like to tell my customers.

Overall, the effects and the construction of the pre-rolls impressed me, as did the gold-wrapped joint (what can I say, I’m a sucker for sick aesthetics). Based on the smoking experience I had, I can tell Good Fortune takes great pride in providing a fine cannabis cigarette that not only looks incredible but smokes amazingly as well. If you care about attention to detail and are looking for that elevating high to put your head in the clouds, well then Good Fortune’s Sativa Pack might just be the product you’ve been looking for.

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September 24th, 2020
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