Sativa Pack



Product Details

22.7% THC
Sweet, Earthy

Product Description

Good Fortune's Sativa Pack delivers a lush experience upon opening its gold-leafed box. The average high will leave you light and floaty with a serious mood boost and a strong case of the munchies. That said, those munchies will make what you're eating feel like an episode of Chef's Table, and the social buzz of the high makes this the right joint to pass around at a dinner party. It's productive and flexible.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

There’s Nothing Like Energizing, Anytime Herb

Review by Cory Brizuela

Jun 07, 2018 · 3 min read

If there’s any time to crush that buffet, it’s after you smoke one of these puppies.

Fancy aesthetics and exceptional branding can’t surpass the basics of a finely rolled joint. When searching for high-quality components like crutch size, grind consistency, and flower to stem ratios (i.e. all flower and no stem ideally), I try not to stray too far from what I consider to be grade-A. As a budtender, I don’t want to peddle anything that isn’t up to snuff, and the more awesome brands there are, the easier my job gets. After trying a new pack of high-end pre-rolls recently, I think I’ve finally found just the right thing to offer my customers.

Just opening the box can make you feel like you’ve won the golden ticket to a high-end cannabis chocolate factory.