Blue Dream & Maui Waui Pre-roll



Product Description

Embark on a journey with our Blue Dream & Maui Waui Pre-Roll, a dynamic duo of sativa-dominant powerhouses. Each pre-roll delivers a smooth, even burn for a consistently enjoyable experience. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or unwinding at home, this is your ticket to a dreamy, euphoric escape.

About Humboldt Family Farms

On a typical Saturday the Humboldt Farmers market is filled with the region’s best farmers, produce, crafts and long-standing members of the community. Dozens of family-owned farms gather to bring their best to the public square. Humboldt Family Farms approach is much like that farmers market. Our mission is working together with the best cannabis farmers in the region, bringing the Legendary Humboldt experience directly to you with our discrete and professional home delivery. Join our family as we deliver the best sustainably grown, artisanal and hand-crafted cannabis Humboldt County has to offer.