Dank Quake Pre-Roll



Product Details

31.4% THC
Earthy, Herbal

Product Description

Kaviar's Dank Quake Pre-Roll is earthy and indica-powered. The resulting high is often euphoric and soothing, so this is a good option for easing aches with a big bowl of ice cream and a grin on. Use this as a post-workout or workday reward when you're feeling sore but were planning on getting high anyway.

Effects Profile

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About Kaviar

In 2016, a small but passionate team sought to introduce the concept of a luxury brand to the maturing Colorado cannabis market. Through persistent testing and development of a proprietary formula, the KAVIAR Cone was born. Its sleek packaging and glass tip on every pre-roll elevated the smoking experience for consumers, and filled the potency void between traditional flower and concentrates. Customers began asking for KAVIAR at dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado, and KAVIAR soon became available at hundreds of dispensaries statewide. With the immense popularity of KAVIAR spawning in such a short time, the team invested heavily in marketing at industry events, interacting with customers directly at dispensaries, and cultivating an engaging following on social media. Kaviar continued to grow with the sponsorship of major events including the DOPE Cup and Denver 420 Festival, as well as winning data-driven LeafLink Awards for Fastest Growing Brand, Best Selling Pre-Roll, and Best Selling Concentrate. Capitalizing on this success in Colorado, KAVIAR has expanded to new markets across the United States and in Jamaica, and has become a recognized and respected luxury brand across the country. It’s often said that in order for a product to be successful, it either has to be the first or the best. KAVIAR is both.