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Lowell pre-roll smokes - the Lively Hybrid


The Lively Hybrid Pack comes in a set of seven or fourteen pre-rolls, each with a potent herbal flavor. Once the high kicks the door down, you should feel a balanced calm between mind and body. It doesn't smoke very well, but the chill vibes of the high are often creative and productive. The lingering buzz is good for sketching ideas out in bed. Full review below.

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The Lively Hybrid Pack
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15% THC, .01% CBD

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Blue Dream, Trainwreck, GG #4

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Seven 0.5g joints, Fourteen 0.5g joints


An Old Dog Learns To Enjoy Some New Joints

Lowell Farms' Lively Hybrid Pre-Roll Pack proves the joint is a classically intimate way to consume cannabis.

Throughout my extensive, decades-long experience consuming cannabis, my devices of choice regarding any weed intake have always met two crucial criteria: ease of use, and efficiency. Simply put, I want to get as high as possible with the resources at my disposal, while also reducing the number of steps it takes to go from a sober mental state to being stoned.

Because of this inherent desire to get the most bang for my buck, I’ve almost exclusively used pipes and bongs when smoking herb. Joints, on the other hand, simply required too many steps for my liking. I’ve always seen the joint as extravagant, a luxury consumption method for the canna-consumer with extra cash and a surplus of grass. As an often broke youth with a penchant for weed, I would save every crumb and sliver of my hard-earned eighth of (typically) nameless bud, and would then smoke it down in what I saw as the most efficient way possible at the time: a glass hand pipe. When I would actually roll up a joint, my intention was usually to get rid of any schwag weed I had fairly quickly. I'd roll a joint if I was feeling particularly flush with kush and wanted to impress my smoking circle.

Fast forward to 2018. In California, a legal recreational adult-use market is emerging, spurring innovation across nearly all product sectors and the pre-rolled joint, better known as the “pre-roll,” abounds. And much the same as with wines both good and bad—from Thunderbird to Petrus Pomeral—so too can pre-rolls range in quality. Many are ambiguously labeled, leaving one unsure about what’s inside. Be it dry trim shake? A single strain? A mystery mix of bottom bag popcorn nugs. Or trim and shake that might as well be mids? Other pre-rolls could be accurately labeled as artisanal, and are crafted for the cannabis connoisseur. I digress.

The happy medium between the former and the latter is where you’ll find the Lowell Farms Lively Hybrid pre-rolls.

The smart packaging is labeled to include details ranging from the strain lineage of the joints’ source flower (which denotes an organic heritage) to the boxing-date. If you have an eye for design, you’ll notice that Lowell Farms offer some of the best looking pre-roll packs in the legal ganja game. The box of joints boasts an elegant, earthy design that more closely resembles vintage wares from an earlier era. The box is embossed and made from recycled paper, and comes with matches and a strike board built into the box for fuck’s sake! Big props there.

Time to try things. I pull out one of the Lowell’s Lively Pack Hybrid pre-rolls and let my afternoon wander where it may. I move the joint between my fingers to loosen her up slightly, and better reveal her hidden aromas. I smell classic cannabis herbal overtones, with hints of pine, and an undercurrent of sour, almost cheese-like scents. The Lowell pack names Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue #4, and Trainwreck, as it's lively hybrid blend.

Let’s see how well the strains play together.

If you enjoy tasty herbal things, you'll really like these Lowell joints.

I put the Lowell pre-roll to my lips and give a preliminary pull before lighting it, to get a sense of the flavor profiles I should expect. A bit of zing on my lips, and a nice anticipatory tingle on my tongue—my throat feels as though its filled with earthy pine cones dipped in fondue and left overnight—this is good.

If you enjoy tasty herbal things, you'll really like these Lowell joints. 

It's my first puff of hay of the day, which is always the strongest hit. I step out onto my deck and light my Lowell up. Smooth smoke fills up my waiting lungs and I hold it in for all of the feels. Once smoked, the taste transforms to something more akin to licking a grill just after cooking some sage cheeseburgers—which isn't totally unpleasant. Not quite getting to the high I generally aspire to with the first hit, I big-puff a few more times, give a couple of little coughs, and let it ride.

First comes the body buzz: Tingles to my fingertips. Tiny pinches to my cheeks. I feel the good waves moving in. The garden glows, the sun feels warmer, and the new Eric Clapton record spilling out of the window doesn't sound too bad, either. In fact, I'm digging it. All of it.

While I'm not fully inspired to go work on one of many projects taking up real estate on the to-do list––which is almost always my goal in smoking cannabis—I am motivated enough to get some stuff done.

I flip the record over and do some tidying up of the house. Reminded by my stomach that I haven't had more than a banana today, I feel the pull to make something quick and yummy and pop into the kitchen. A couple of soft-boiled eggs and buttered toast soldiers down the hatch and I'm good to go. Eating always mutes my high a bit, and I don't want to re-up just yet so I get an accurate read on the longevity of the high elicited from these Lowells, but I still feel some feels.

I notice my wife has put the new season of Roseanne on the TV. Mildly curious, I find that when I lay down to watch for a second, I'm not much bothered to move for the next three episodes. The more mellow aspects of the hybrid blend have indeed taken hold. I relax for the rest of the day. I'm definitely going to smoke this blend again.

If you enjoy a good sativa-dominant hybrid pre-roll, especially one that promotes an energetic high without spazzing you out; if you prefer a smooth-tasting smoke that tickles your thoughts while tingling your toes; if you’re seeking out organic premium bud rolled up in an elegant high-end package, for a lower end price; you’ll love Lowell Farms' Lively Hybrid pre-rolls pack. 

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September 22nd, 2021
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