Honey Dew Mojito Infused Joints



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655.5mg THC, 742mg THCA, <2mg CBD
Sweet, Earthy, Watermelon

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The effect profile of Raw Garden Honey Dew Mojito Infused Joints is based on 3 user reviews.



Expert Review

This Mojito Makes Any Meal Better

Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 15, 2022 · 3 min read

This potent and highly palatable pre-roll from Raw Garden can amp up any feast.

IN REVIEW: Raw Garden's HoneyDew Mojito pre-roll boasts a flavor profile with hints of mint, and tropical herbaceousness backed by the heavily potent infused crushed diamonds. With a THC content testing in at over 40%, this heavy hybrid offers an energetic and introspective experience that's ideal for high-tolerance smokers or mid-tier connoisseurs. Expect a high that enhances outdoor adventures and relaxation, while also stimulating appetite and providing stress relief.

It only took a few puffs for me to be transformed by this very potent yet insightful pre-roll from Raw Garden. I don't know if I sensed both the honeydew and the mojito as far as the flavor profile goes, but I definitely got hints of mint and tropical herbaceousness. 

Infused with crushed diamonds and testing at over forty percent, this is one pre-roll that will take you for an extended ride. For me, it set the backdrop of a very productive and fun Thanksgiving morning. A perfectly timed pre-roll to help build up my appetite for a heavenly feast.

About Raw Garden

Offering an array of standouts from pre-rolls to pens and boasting California’s best-selling concentrates, Raw Garden uses a special extraction technique to capture the whole essence of the cannabis plant in their outstanding oils. They never use any additives or fillers (not even terpenes or minor cannabinoids), their products are Clean Green certified, and each one undergoes rigorous testing—so you can trust that every time you pick up one of Raw Garden’s stellar offerings you're getting something that is as pure as it is potent.