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The Root of It All SLOW


The SLOW tincture from The Root of It All has a flowery flavor and potent head high. The soothing body high isn't to be underestimated, either, especially if you're looking for relief. This buzz can make your cramps more manageable and aid with overall mental clarity when used daily.

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Ranked 3 of 3 in Sublinguals for feeling .

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3mg THC, 3mg CBD





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1fl oz bottle (90mg THC, 90mg CBD)

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All Natural

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Essential oils, natural flavors, cannabis extract


This Is The Tincture That Will Get Your Mom Onboard With Cannabis

If you’re looking for a calming CBD product, this tincture is perfect and offers a sense of clarity with a calming, relaxing effect.

To describe my lifestyle as “active” would be an understatement. I’m a Colorado-based trail runner and fitness enthusiast. Nature is my gym––it provides me with mental and physical benefits, sure. But truly, interacting with nature keeps me grounded. I am passionate about the outdoors, and routinely challenge myself in many ways. I try to be mindful of my mental equilibrium, and I’m always learning more about my body and its needs for overall health and wellness. Indeed, I am becoming increasingly aware and interested in how we can use medicine found in plants, natural oils, and food, in order to better ourselves and how to incorporate these natural elements into our overall wellness regimen.

I recently learned that Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems, originating in India more than 3,000 years ago. The main goal of this holistic healing system is to promote overall health and wellness, not to fight disease. This is relevant, as I also recently had the opportunity to sample the SLOW blend of essential infused oil from Colorado-based The Root of It All.

The SLOW blend is marketed as providing a sense of calm, and combines C02-extracted cannabis oil with an Ayurvedic blend of essential oils.

Daily doses of THC––the psychoactive compound in cannabis––and non-psychoactive CBD can be beneficial for one’s overall wellness in many ways. Stress is directly linked to various diseases, and can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. One of the main reasons why I consume cannabis products at all is to treat stress and anxiety. This is in addition to treating a form of epilepsy. Cannabinoids found in cannabis have effectively created a state of homeostasis within my body, which has resulted in reduced seizure activity.

"If you’re looking for a calming CBD product, this tincture is perfect, and offers a sense of clarity with a calming, relaxing effect."

I’m already a fan of tinctures, because they allow precise dosing and offer a convenient and discreet consumption method, instead of smoking the flower. I also like using tinctures because they are fast acting. The calming SLOW tincture enters the blood stream quickly and has a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD. I’ve found benefits when consuming products that combine both THC and CBD cannabinoids. Those who have a high tolerance to THC and are wanting to consume large doses may not be as interested in this product. The cannabis content ratio is 3mg THC, 3mg CBD per milliliter and would take several droppers of oil to ingest a large amount of THC. I can honestly say the SLOW product is among my favorite tinctures yet. Compared to other tinctures, this blend tastes fantastic! With a taste and smell consisting of mostly orange and a hint of herbs, I enjoyed this oil by itself. Not having to suffer the after taste or add it to a smoothie or tea, I found myself looking forward to easily adding it to my daily routine.

If you’re looking for a calming CBD product, this tincture is perfect, and offers a sense of clarity with a calming, relaxing effect.

Since SLOW does indeed contain THC, consumers new to the psychoactive ingredient may be hesitant, but the consistent dosing enables predictable results––you won’t be blindsided by an intoxicating high. To that end, the calming blend is an excellent product for me, or anyone with busy, stressful lives.

It would be perfect for anyone considering adding the daily benefits of THC and CBD to their lives with a smooth and tasty oil method. In addition to the calming and relaxing benefits of this oil, it helps with inflammation and pain within the body.

I first tried this product at the beginning of my menstrual cycle. I was experiencing severe pain, and within the first hour, I felt a significant decrease in pain from cramps, and a reduction in headache-induced pressure. Because tinctures are consumed sublingually––meaning the active cannabinoids enter our body by dissolving under the tongue––the drops provide rapid onset of overall calming effects, as well as effective pain management, with no negative side effects. A restful sleep was also more easily achieved as the tincture cleared my head, calmed my nerves. (The brand has also created a similar tincture to the SLOW, but is infused with lavender and other oils to promote a more restful sleep.)

As a part of my health journey, I consider all ingredients in any products I consume.

Other cannabis oils I’ve tried have tasted sort of like grass, and would leave an unpleasant aftertaste. However, the SLOW blend has a refreshing citrus taste. I also consider how the cannabis oil was extracted, what type of solvent was used in said process. I especially liked that the oil used in the SLOW tincture was extracted using a natural CO2-based process, and is blended in all natural essential oil lipids, which make for an excellent natural flavor and aroma. Other tinctures in the brand’s line are infused with sativa cannabis strains for more energy, offer a sense of rejuvenation.

Overall, I really enjoyed the light citrusy herb blend taste and aroma of the SLOW blend tincture.

It is really important to pair solvent-free cannabis oil with other natural ingredients. I love the fact that this oil is specifically blended with essential oils that have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years. This type of whole body healing approach which uses different plants as source material for various medicines, has The Root Of It All standing out from other brands.

I highly recommend the SLOW blend tincture to anyone seeking a product that will deliver a calming, sense of clear headedness. I think the tincture would truly be a hit among curious and mindful people looking to integrate cannabis into their daily routine without smoking it, and anyone interested in exploring different ways in which our health benefits from this amazing plant!

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