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Yummi Karma Mood Magic


Yummi Karma's Mood Magic is a sweet cannabis tincture with a raspberry flavor. The individual dose is heavier than most sublinguals, so check the label and plan accordingly. You can expect a heavy wave of calm to hit with the high, which might leave you glued to the couch. Use this to relieve cramps and catch some well-deserved Z's.

Ranked 22 of 81 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.

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As our committee rates Mood Magic, we capture their experience in real time through our ratings app and report everything back here.

The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 22 of 81 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.

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Mood Magic
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


10.8mg THC, 0.06mg CBD)





Serving Size

1 dropper full

Package Contents/Qty

30ml (323.64mg THC, 1.74mg CBD)

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Side Effects


Shelf Life



Coconut MCT oil


Fractionated coconut (mct) oil, whole plant cannabis, raspberry flavoring (natural flavors, <1% dextrose), raspberry leaf extract, eleuthero root, natural sweetener (coconut oil, natural stevia leaf)


Mood Magic Put The Best Kind Of Spell On Me

Just when I needed it, this tincture pulled through and put me in the best possible mood.

IN REVIEW: If you're looking for a mood boost that kicks in quickly with almost no side effects, you've come to the right place. As reviewer Jessica explains, Yummi Karma's Mood Magic tincture delivers a soothing high that can give even the worst days a boost of positivity. 

To date, I haven't had a lot of experience with tinctures, so when I was able to rate one promising joy, relief, and the ability to unwind, I was ready to see what this product could really do. Mood Magic by Yummi Karma really did put a spell on me. In fact, it changed my entire mood for the better while also making me an avid supporter of tinctures for life. Not bad, right?

But before we get into all that, let's first talk about taste. Mmmm, it's like sweet berries and cream. You let one 10mg (THC) dropper-full just chill under your tongue for about 15 seconds and then swallow and enjoy a sweet treat that tastes nothing like cannabis. This is what drew me in at first, the fact that it’s a delicious treat with the promise of chilling me out after a rough day or adding to the calmness of a simple self-care evening. Bottom line: the tincture tasted and I would highly recommend it based on the flavor alone.

That night, I was able to sleep long and hard and got rest I didn't realize was much-needed.

My first session with this Yummi Karma tincture didn't involve anything too climactic—just me in bed reading a book, one of my favorite things to do to unwind from a long day. I'd forgotten I’d taken the tincture when I changed into my PJs and curled up in bed with a massive novel I'd been trying to get through. But I do remember when the story seemed to get intense on the page, waging strong emotions in my body. I was getting through a particularly descriptive fight scene which was super interesting, but I was suddenly really into it—times ten. I was having THE time of my life being transported into another world full of mythical creatures fighting the battle of a lifetime, with an "if I make it through this, we'll be together forever," love story lingering in the distance. I was eager to see what would happen, full of excitement that I finally realized was heightened by Mood Magic.

While I was super into my book, I did feel myself getting a bit tired. Being in bed I'm sure didn't help, but I also began to feel my shoulders forcefully relaxing, getting super comfy in my pillows and changing my position to one prioritizing where my head would rest. I made the executive decision to let the relaxation take over. I knew this meant I was about to sleep well and I welcomed it. That night, I was able to sleep long and hard and got rest I didn't realize was much-needed.

Mood Magic really helped me not expel too much mental energy on a situation I had no control over.

Completely opposite from my first encounter with Mood Magic, session two started off with car troubles and ended with a mini binge-watching session to pass the time. I started off angry and stressed, having my car break down for the third time in a month. I think it's also important to mention that my car broke down in the valley, and I live in downtown Los Angeles, so I was very far from home, which added to my stress. There wasn't much I could do but call a tow truck and wait. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to drive anymore that night, I decided this was the best time to complete session two and hope that my mood would once again be lifted.

Within 20 minutes, it didn't seem so bad that my car broke down, or that the tow truck quoted me two hours before arrival. I had been able to safely pull over in a nice neighborhood and whatever happened next was just going to be what happened. I was able to find the silver lining of the situation and turn my frown upside down. I ended up having enough service on my phone to catch up on the third season of Dear White People to pass the time, and by the time I got home I was tired but not exhausted. Mood Magic really helped me not expel too much mental energy on a situation I had no control over. It helped me preserve my peace of mind so I could sleep well that night. And I did! I slept like a baby, dreamt about dating Michael B. Jordan, and was able to easily tackle everything I needed to the following day. 

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