The Herbalist Eau de Parfum


Product Details

750mg THC
Cannabis, lavender, hinoki, sugar cane alcohol

Product Description

The world's first THC-infused fragrance. Douglas Little, founder of Heretic Parfum, and Drew Martin, founder of the eponymous line of cannabis and botanical pre-rolls, are kindred spirits bonded by a shared belief that plants are magic. Together they created a disruptive ‘functional fragrance’. The pair carefully selected the iconic sativa-hybrid cannabis cultivar Jack Herer as the base for the fragrance. Celebrated for its incredible aromatic properties as well as for its calming, clear-headed, creative and euphoric buzz. The fragrance was built around the signature notes of lemon, tangerine and newly crushed pine needles found in this particular cultivar and carefully balanced by adding the uplifting freshness of yuzu, grounding woodiness of frankincense, and relaxing properties of lavender and hinoki. Named one of ""The 100 Greatest Fragrances of All Time"" by Women's Wear Daily.