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Serving Size

1 bath bomb

Package Contents/Qty

1 bath bomb (50g)


Sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, coconut oil, cannabis oil, essential oils


This CBD-Infused Bath Bomb Was Kind Of A Bummer

It took more than simply Majesty's Rejuvenate infused bath bomb to make bath time truly majestic.

After a long and stressful day, there are few ways to decompress that are as calming as filling up the bathtub with hot water, dropping in a bath bomb, laying back, and letting go. As I slowly lower my body into the water, my stress begins to fade and worries dissipate as the effervescent colors and oils of the fragrant bath bomb fizzle away and form bubbles in the steamy tub. If you’ve never experienced this heaven-like ritual, you’re truly missing out.

So naturally, when I first heard of Majesty’s line of infused bath bombs, I was thrilled. The therapeutic bombs come in three different varieties, each infused with a unique ratio of THC and CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in weed that's believed to be great for anxiety, inflammation, and pain relief, among other medicinal benefits. And Majesty is the only brand in the state currently producing infused bath bombs.

For women who live for bath bombs during that time of the month (or just in general) the Majesty line could be the perfect way to unwind. Men would surely enjoy the bombs as well; my boyfriend (and even my dog) is already joining the bath bomb train. 

Friday night came around and I turned on a record (the classy Dean Martin) in preparation of the relaxing experience. I was also suffering from a stress-induced headache and felt some minor back pain from being hunched over my computer all day. Let’s just say I was more than ready to soak and had high hopes for this bath bomb.

I opened the Rejuvenate bomb, which Majesty markets as delivering an uplifting mood boost. The bomb is bright blue, and smells vaguely like peppermint toothpaste, which is somewhat off-putting. Size-wise, the Rejuvenate bomb lands somewhere between a Lush bomb, and a ME! bomb, which are two of the more popular brands of non-infused bath products.

As I tossed it into the bathtub and it began to fizz and bubble, the water turned bright blue. This is supposed to be the most exciting part of using a bath bomb. To be frank, I was actually hoping that there would be another explosion of color or that perhaps it would create a sparkling effect (like Lush's bombs), but I was disappointed when this wasn’t the case.

That’s okay, though. The real magic of the Majesty Rejuvenate comes from the CBD—or so I thought. I sunk into the electric blue bath water and let my body soak for around thirty minutes. I didn’t feel tingly, sleepy, or limber like a jellyfish. When I got out of the bath I actually felt nothing out of the ordinary. Which, I have to say, was slightly anticlimactic.

This isn’t to say I didn't feel relaxed by the end of my bath, but I didn’t feel much different either. Perhaps I didn’t soak in the tub long enough or maybe my expectations were too high, but damnit, I deserve to have high expectations!

I was left feeling just on the cusp of being relaxed, or as though a serene mental state was just beyond my reach.

For the relatively higher price of this bath bomb, I didn’t find the experience to be worth it. I was left feeling just on the cusp of being relaxed, or as if a serene mental state was just beyond my reach, which is frustrating to say the least. I don’t think I could achieve the desired state of cannabis-induced revitalization using only the Majesty Rejuvenate bath bomb. At the end of a long, stressful day, I’d much rather just buy a cheaper, larger, non-infused bath bomb and take a few pulls from a CBD vape pen.

On another note, the Majesty bath bomb stained my bathtub blue, which has been a battle to rinse off and might even be the least enjoyable part of the experience. To put it simply, the draw for this product is that it is a CBD-infused bath bomb, an almost surefire relaxing and refreshing experience. Majesty delivers this in part but didn’t quite hit the mark on everything that truly makes a bath bomb magical—the therapeutic aromas, the range of colors (that don’t stain your tub), the essential oils, and bubbles so fizzy you’d think your bath was carbonated.

Despite my disappointment, I think Majesty is onto something quite genius here and with some slight improvements both aesthetically and functionally, the Rejuvenate bath bomb could truly be a knockout product.

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