THCa Transdermal Patch



Product Details

5.47mg THC, 11.4mg THCa
Serving Size
1 patch
Acrylic, glycol, lecithin, oleic acid, cannabis extract, eucalyptol, and terpenes

Product Description

Mary's Medicinals THCa Transdermal Patch is a topical patch that looks and feels like a cannabis Band-Aid. We recommend sticking it somewhere veinous like the inside of your wrist because it does feel like pulling off a Band-Aid when you're done with it. Keep this handy in your bag for when you need a boost of mental relief.

About Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals collaborates with top physicians and expert scientists to develop innovative cannabis therapies that allow people to take control of their own wellness with highly targeted, results-driven methods. As a result, their organic cannabis extract and advanced delivery systems are of the highest quality and standards, maximizing the benefits of natural plant medicine for patients and recreational users alike. You can count on their reliable and consistent dosages to have your back and keep you on track on even the toughest of days.