3:1 CBD:THC Releaf Patch



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10.59mg THC, 24.81mg CBD
Serving Size
1 patch
Mineral Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, Cannabis, Camphor, Oleic Acid

Expert Review

4 Topicals, 2 Bad Knees, And One Steep Mountain

Review by Norma Kwee

Nov 05, 2018 · 9 min read

A comprehensive review of everything I tried while trying a survive a climb up Mt. Whitney.

The only thing more certain than death and taxes? Back pain. In the past, I’ve used many non-cannabis topical products to treat muscular soreness and pain in conjunction with physical therapy for various lower back and knee issues. Maybe y’all know this, but the human body is complex. Oftentimes, building strength causes me pain and soreness and Tiger Balm has always been my go-to topical treatment for this. As a child, my father drilled into me the idea that Tiger Balm was a cure-all. That’s why I can’t help but assume magic is happening when the warm, tingling sensations set in. But CBD has its own kind of magic and as the non-intoxicating compound has risen in popularity in recent years, I have started experimenting with CBD-infused ointments and balms. Some to great effect and others not so much.

This past summer, I embarked on a physical journey unlike any I have done before. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking and camping, but only recently have I upped my game and started backpacking. That’s right—I’m now the type of person who carries their home on their back and ventures deep into the woods. When a friend succeeded in snagging a coveted overnight permit to hike Mt. Whitney—the tallest peak in the continental US—I wanted in on the adventure. With our permit date set for September, I only had three months to physically and mentally prepare for the 22-mile trek up 6,000 feet of mountain. In an effort to come out of it in one piece, I tested four CBD topicals throughout my journey, the results of which you can read all about below.

Papa & Barkley: 1:3 THC:CBD Releaf Patch

About Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is a leading manufacturer of cannabis-infused topicals that provide immediate physical comfort and pain relief. The company was founded by Adam Grossman, who was inspired by his critically ill father's experience with a topical he created that helped ease his chronic pain, regain mobility and ultimately return home to be reunited with his beloved dog, Barkley. This topical would go on to become the first ever P&B Releaf Balm, which has since helped countless more find comfort along the way.