Cherry AK Liquid Live Resin Cartridge



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79.85% THC, 0.29% CBD

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Cherry AK: Automatic Machined Fun

Review by Katie Phillips

Sep 24, 2020 · 4 min read

While this uplifting vape doesn’t offer reliable focus, it might bring out the best in all of us.

IN REVIEW:This sativa-leaning hybrid will make your day bright now matter how much you may fight. Reach for it to cancel out bad vibes and lay waste to whatever’s bothering you as you float through your day with a smile. It’s a great weekender option, so pair it with your morning coffee to get going, and throw it in your bag for a consistent level of chill that won't ever take you over the edge or bog you down. You may find the energy to knock out an undemanding to-do list, but you’ll certainly be more tortoise than hare.

I’ve been on a flower kick lately, and I think it has to do with the ritual. The ritual of grinding those beautiful buds, packing a bowland taking a fantastic rip off your favorite bong. But there are those days where you don't have enough time to get that ritual together. Thankfully, there are so many different products out there that can help you reduce that time significantly, such as ripping on a cartridge! I bring one with me everywhere, just in case. There are days where I’m looking for that convenience, and a quick response to the idea of getting stoned. Especially when the week has been a busy one, and every minute counts. Sometimes you wake up in need of a boost from the very start, and all the caffeine in the world might not do the trick. This week has been one of those weeks, with a to-do list so long that I thought puffing on something light, herbal and uplifting might be the helping high I needed to get it all done. 

About Cresco

Starting with only the highest quality genetics, Cresco employs data-driven decisions and standardized cultivation practices to ensure consistency and uniformity in the plants they use for their premium products. With a range of flower, liquid live resin carts, and solid live concentrates, they offer something smokable for everyone, showing their dedication to individual care and unique terpene profiles that cater to the needs of each and every consumer.