Harlequin PAX Era Pod



Product Details

21.2% THC, 39.8% CBD
Earthy, Citrus, Sweet

Product Description

Heylo's Harlequin PAX Era Pod is sweet, smooth, and soothing. This vape is satisfying in both the intake and the high, which tends to be extremely heavy in the body. It should knock out cramps and wash over you with a wave of calm. Expect to melt into the couch and crave some takeout.

Effects Profile

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The effect profile of Heylo Harlequin PAX Era Pod is based on 4 user reviews.




Expert Review

The PAX Pod To Make Every Fan Girl's Dreams Come True

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Aug 29, 2019 · 4 min read

The relaxed, introspective nature of this high helped me fully appreciate the Twilight-themed road trip of my dreams.

IN REVIEW: Heylo's Harlequin PAX Pod is perfect for daydreaming during long car rides. Just ask reviewer Brianna, who enjoyed the relaxing, pain-relieving benefits of this pod while visiting the town featured in the Twilight movie series. A few puffs are all you'll need to be cruising toward bliss. 

The drive from Castle Rock, a small, Southwestern town on the banks of the Cowlitz river, to Forks, a town on the western edge of the Olympic Forest, is an ambitious day’s drive, but a necessary one nonetheless. You see, in order for me to properly celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the most important film of our time, Twilight 2: New Moon, I needed to pilgrimage to the ancestral home of sparkling vampires and at-will werewolves, where the majestic rain collides with a pale grey coastline, and the main street still revels in the spoils of a franchise that reshaped the fuckability of werewolves and vampires for generations.

Forks might not be on the vacation-radar for most, especially 10 years after the Twilight revolution, but this road trip had me crawling out of my skin with excitement. This magical area of the globe is my literal paradise. Harlequin was my companion on this adventure, selected with the specific hopes that it could temper the inappropriately screechy super-fan in me without dampening my enthusiasm. I was thrilled to find it did that and more.