Lemon Wreck PAX Era Pod



Product Details

80.7% THC, 0.46% CBD
Lemon, Sour

Product Description

Island's Lemon Wreck PAX Era Pod is a potent vape cartridge with a lemony flavor and exceptional vapor quality. The high should leave you feeling clear, calm, and focused with a touch of potential drowsiness as the high fades. By the time the munchies set in, you should be feeling amused and maybe a little dreamy. This could be a great addition to a study session or beach day.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

The Future Looks Laid Back

Review by Troy Farah

Oct 24, 2018 · 4 min read

PAX Eras are the way of the future, and this upbeat sativa pod showed me the way.

I remember puffing a vaporizer for the first time around six years ago and thinking, this is insane. Also, this is the future. I feel like the PAX Era is an evolution of the small, disposable pens and the screw-on cartridges that are now common to dispensaries. It feels even more futuristic somehow. It’s button-free, connects to an app for temperature control, and looks like something out of Star Trek—all major pluses in my book.

I admired the light amber oil and tiny, cute palm tree printed on the canister.