Tropical Trainwreck



Product Details

64.7% THC
Pineapple, Floral

Product Description

Orchid's Tropical Trainwreck vape cartridge has a strong pineapple flavor with a floral undertone. The high kicks in at a balanced pace, and it's typically a happy and comfortable one. The relaxed vibes of this high pair well with a spa day or breezy summer afternoon.

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The effect profile of Orchid Essentials Tropical Trainwreck is based on 2 user reviews.



Expert Review

The Vape With All The Tropical Spa Vacation Vibes

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Oct 17, 2018 · 4 min read

It may sound like a cheesy beer ad, but it's true that this vape transported me to a tropical island getaway.

It’s rare that I’m stunned by the fragrance of a cannabis product—particularly concentrates, which are not often known for their ambient aromas. So the flash of confusion I had upon opening the sealed, unmarked mylar bag containing this 1-gram cartridge was understandable. I momentarily thought someone was slicing fresh pineapple in my kitchen. The aroma is shockingly authentic; top notes of bright, juicy pineapple are balanced by the telltale undertone of savory funk that you only really get from the ripest fruits. Before I’d even taken my first look at Orchid Essentials’ C02 Tropical Trainwreck distillate cartridge, I was salivating. I love pineapple and could not wait to see if the flavor of this extract matched its stunning perfume.

Orchid’s process of re-mixing terpenes feels like the next logical step in the science of extraction and distillation.