Delight Disposable



Product Details

69.9% THC, 7.04% CBD
Floral, Vanilla, Citrus

Product Description

The Delight Disposable from Sunday Goods is an all-in-one vape pen with an incredible citrus and cream flavor similar to lemon meringue pie. The resulting high is often quick-hitting and short-lived with an excited haze in the head. Pick this up if you need to motivate a social buzz or a brainstorming session. It plays nicely with other Sunday Goods pens, too.

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Expert Review

This Delight Disposable Is Sunday Good But Saturday Bad

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Sep 26, 2019 · 5 min read

A burrito in bed is one thing, but a screamo goth concert? Not so much.

IN REVIEW: As reviewer Samantha experienced the hard way, Sunday Goods' Delight Disposable vape pen (69.9% THC and 7.04% CBD) is great for relaxed evenings at home but not for energetic evenings out on the town. If you stick to stoner staples like snacks and ample couch time, this high is the best. But take it into an unfamiliar crowd with dubious vibes, and you might regret it. 

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, and this Delight Disposable from Sunday Goods is a great way to celebrate that. The first time I tried this vape, I chatted with my roommate, ate a burrito in bed, and streamed a whole bunch of Netflix. It was a classic mellow stoner day and a truly delightful one at that. But I’m not trying to repeat the same sentiment of, “Wow, this weed goes great with cartoons and food and bed!” Like, thanks stoner genius, we all could’ve guessed that. So I tried taking this Sunday Goods pen out for a night on the town, and I discovered exactly why it’s not called Saturday Goods.

I went to meet an acquaintance at a concert at Bardot in Hollywood. The venue was large and contained a confusing number of rooms. Since most of the venue was actually hallways, the non-stop bumping from strangers was both literally and figuratively jarring. It was just the sort of crowd situation that can normally make me anxious. I got a drink and my anxiety instantly increased thanks to the prices at the bar. I was hoping this delightful disposable would help me take the edge off that social awkwardness so I could avoid draining my wallet at the bar. But sometimes we all make miscalculations.