Sherbacio Live Resin Disposable - 500mg



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70.36% THC, <2% CBD

Product Description

Sherbacio is the perfect representation of that classic “umami” flavor profile of Gelato and Sunset Sherbert with a better bag appeal than either on their own. This strain is not an easy feat to manage as it is picky about its light schedule and isn't into a ton of feeding. You'll see why we think the trouble is more than worth it when you crack open a jar and take your first hit. ----- Hybrid Lineage: Sunset Sherbet x Gelato #41 ----- Prominent terpenes: β-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, α-Humulene ----- Product Color Packaging May Vary

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Expert Review

Dispose Of Your Problems With This Disposable Vape

Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 18, 2020 · 4 min read

Alien Labs came up aces with a tailor-made vape for those seeking solace from the rat race.

IN REVIEW: This live resin disposable vape from AlienLabs offers 70% THC and the type of portable and potent experience you’ll come to love. The pulls are smooth, and the effects will hit quickly and leave you in a balanced state full of both relaxation and creativity. With the added benefit of helping you boost your mood and get yourself out of a funk, this little gem will quickly become a go-to in your rotation for regular use both day and night.

The Sherbacio Live Resin Disposable by Alien Labs is the sort of relaxing vape experience I was hoping for. Their half gram disposable vape pen helped me unwind with an even-keeled mood boost. Having had a long day at work dealing with countless bureaucracies, I was particularly wound up and my spirits seemed unliftable. That’s the thing about quality live resin however, it can perform great feats of strength when you need it most. This 70% THC all-in-one vape fit the bill nicely.

About AlienLabs

Based in California, Alien Labs is dedicated to breeding and producing small-batch products with individual strains that are meticulously selected for their perfect flavor and high. With unique gnetics like KryptoChronic and Xeno, they can provide complex profiles that take users on a journey to another dimension. And their commitment to quality and innovation has led them to create groundbreaking products such as their solventless line and vaporizers. So whether you are a connoisseur or new to the scene, you can trust in Alien Labs to be a brand that will provide you the high quality experience you’ve been looking for.