In The Pines Live Resin PAX Era Pod


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86% THC
Pine, Earthy

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Expert Review

In The Pines And Out Of This World

Review by Luca Belloiu

Mar 22, 2022 · 4 min read

This Bloom Farms live resin PAX Pod will illuminate your mind and energize your body.

IN REVIEW: In the Pines is a euphoric wonder that surprisingly gives off a pleasing tropical flavor despite its name. It’s a sativa live resin that’s at once uplifting and relaxing, is housed in a PAX Era, and boasts 86% THC and a terpene-heavy experience thanks to its crossed lineage of Pineapple Thai, Master Kush, and Pineapple. And with Bloom Farms commitment to providing the cannabis community with approachable yet premium products, its as cost effective as it is top-notch.

Bloom Farms “In the Pines” live resin vape pod closely mirrors a flower high while with its 86%THC and robust terpene profile. Being that this pod works with the PAX Era vape pen, it makes for a stealthy choice to bring along on any extended trip, which is just what I did while visiting Transylvania in the dead of winter. The subtle notes of pine complimented the surroundings brilliantly. It became a morning ritual for me to take a hike with my parent’s dog in the surrounding pine forests and vape away my earthly problems. “In the Pines” is a sativa that is both energizing and invigorating. This is an optimal choice for extroverts, outdoor types, and seekers of all stripes.

Trudging through the snow in the rolling hills of Brasov, Romania and inhaling the pineapple and herb flavored goodness of this live resin pod while not a soul was in sight became a blissful, if not religious, experience. On one occasion I plopped myself down on an isolated snow-covered embankment and gazed between frosted branches out over the plains of a peasant village. (The sort that still rely on horse buggies.) 

I took some liberal vape hits while the sound of church bells intermixed with the crows of a distant and desperate sounding rooster. As my mind got lifted and my senses were heightened from the rusticness of it all, I experienced a flood of insight and good vibes. The crisp mountain air and the euphoric nature of this Pax Era pod was just what I needed to shed myself of not only jet lag, but the residual stress of big city life.

I hiked along with Alfie the beagle and let him lead the way most of the time. He was hot on the trail of some deer or lynx and I was too high to steer him away from his quest. Eventually we wound up in a picturesque hillside village where I stopped for a warm pretzel and a few more vapes on the sly. 

When I got back to my parents place I was still brimming with energy, so I decided to shovel some snow and salt their long driveway. One could say that this sativa vape pod instilled a sense of intrepidness in me. Also, I hadn’t shoveled snow since I lived in New Jersey in the late 90’s, so this was a particular gas. At no point did I feel any semblance of anxiety or paranoia. Even when I had good reason to be because apparently there had been many bear sightings of late and I just happened to have trudged a few miles through their home territory. Apparently I was not deemed “tasty enough.”

This is a supremely smooth hitting vape choice that also does not bring a sense of grogginess towards the tail end of the high like many other vapes do. What I felt was a prolonged period of euphoric energy followed seamlessly by a sense of contentment and relaxation. The perfect choice for those who like to live life outdoors or seek a mental escape from the daily grind. Most curiously, I found it to be a wonderful antidote to bitterness and enmity.

I always give strong consideration to the sort of cannabis choices I bring along on vacation, and I felt like I made a good decision here. This 500mg pod from Bloom Farms brings some real “live and let live” vibes without ever being too much to handle. It is just hard to get pissed or judgy when in the throes of this subtly sweet live resin. Exploring and savoring was my default mode, and I look forward to revisiting this state of mind often.