Chem Dawg PAX Era Pod



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64% THC
Diesel, Earthy

Product Description

Brite Labs' Chem Dawg PAX Era Pod is herbal in flavor with a smooth and easy vapor quality. After a few hits, you should feel a strong, uplifting head high with a relaxing body buzz. This is a great high for getting outdoors and hanging out with your fur babies.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

A Brite Light At The End Of An Allergic Reaction

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Mar 28, 2019 · 5 min read

A few puffs of this bright, effervescent vape were all it took to pull me out of an allergy-induced panic.

Panic jolted through my dead, sleeping body like a lightning bolt, snapping me into consciousness. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. For one, terror woke me, not any of the 15 alarms I’d set the night before. And, more importantly, my eyes were stuck shut. Never a good sign. A cold wash of dread ran down my body. In a mere number of hours, I was to shoot the first episode of my new show at Snoop Dogg’s studios in Inglewood, the fruition of many months of work and my journalistic dreams of transitioning to on-camera work. This morning, there was no room for error.

This morning, there was no room for error.