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76% THC
Citrus, Sweet

Product Description

Caliva's Daybreak strain cartridge is citrus-sweet and buzzy. This sativa-powered high is often uplifting and calm, so you should hit it while taking your dog for a walk or reading a book under the sun. The duration of the high is usually balanced and enjoyable without knocking you off your feet. Our reviewer has more details, below.

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Expert Review

The Best Friend I Always Wanted In A Vape

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Jan 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Surprisingly calming and complex, this sativa vape had my back just when I needed emotional clarity.

A vape that is easy enough to hit throughout the day is a gift, and in 2019, it’s essential for the busy, productive stoner. Caliva’s Daybreak cartridge is equal parts complex and manageable; a high that's just as responsive first thing in the morning as it is right before bed. I auditioned Caliva’s Daybreak cartridge during a particularly stressful series of events. Travel, caregiving, in-depth communications, and a radical amount of emotional processing. In all the ways I needed strength, Daybreak was a solid provider.

Its nuanced citrus profile lingers like a refreshing sip of lemon juice.