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Cresco Cherry AK Liquid Live Resin Cartridge


Ranked 26 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 26 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Cherry AK Liquid Live Resin Cartridge
Product Information

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79.85% THC, 0.29% CBD

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500mg cartridge


Cherry AK: Automatic Machined Fun

While this uplifting vape doesn’t offer reliable focus, it might bring out the best in all of us.

IN REVIEW:This sativa-leaning hybrid will make your day bright now matter how much you may fight. Reach for it to cancel out bad vibes and lay waste to whatever’s bothering you as you float through your day with a smile. It’s a great weekender option, so pair it with your morning coffee to get going, and throw it in your bag for a consistent level of chill that won't ever take you over the edge or bog you down. You may find the energy to knock out an undemanding to-do list, but you’ll certainly be more tortoise than hare.

I’ve been on a flower kick lately, and I think it has to do with the ritual. The ritual of grinding those beautiful buds, packing a bowland taking a fantastic rip off your favorite bong. But there are those days where you don't have enough time to get that ritual together. Thankfully, there are so many different products out there that can help you reduce that time significantly, such as ripping on a cartridge! I bring one with me everywhere, just in case. There are days where I’m looking for that convenience, and a quick response to the idea of getting stoned. Especially when the week has been a busy one, and every minute counts. Sometimes you wake up in need of a boost from the very start, and all the caffeine in the world might not do the trick. This week has been one of those weeks, with a to-do list so long that I thought puffing on something light, herbal and uplifting might be the helping high I needed to get it all done. 

As I started to chip away at my to-do list, I felt a heavy blanket of chill fall upon my eyes. 

Cherry AK is a sativa-dominant hybrid known to create heady focus and stimulation while keeping your body chill. With so many sativas in its lineage, it was exactly what I needed to get my long list of tasks done. This particular vape came from Cresco, whose cartridges are, “Crafted from premium fresh-frozen flower, and the liquid live resin preserves the unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the living cultivar, providing maximum aroma, potency and flavor. Ready to use in vape form.”

Cresco is under an umbrella with five other curated brands from the parent company Cresco Labs, which is based out of Illinois. They seem to do it all between their multiple grows, manufacturing facilities and dispensaries spanning across nine states. With how expansive Cresco is in the industry, it's refreshing to see that they’re giving back. A little about their social initiative program: “Our SEED initiative is designed to ensure that all members of our society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and own businesses in this industry. From collaborating with universities to developing cannabis-focused curriculum to working with local agencies and community organizations to sponsor expungement events, the SEED initiative consists of impactful programs and actionable solutions-based approaches that we believe will help make the cannabis industry a highly inclusive force for job creation.” It’s great when your high has a higher purpose, and I was so stoked to try one of their products. 

My mind felt a bit hazy and heavy, with pockets of focus.

I decided to go with this live resin cart while sipping my morning coffee. Some cartridges are hard to smell, but this one hit hard with herbal notes, pepper and pine right out of the package. I took a nice inhale to see what this strain was about. It provided a super smooth hit that’s filled with the same woodsy and herbal aroma. I was looking for a fruitier side given the name, but I didn't find it, but I also wasn’t exactly disappointed with what I did find. It was time to see if this Cherry AK could help me wake up and get things done. As I started to chip away at my to-do list, I felt a heavy blanket of chill fall upon my eyes. I was stoned. 

My mind felt a bit hazy and heavy, with pockets of focus, but I wouldn’t call them consistent. My limbs felt relaxed, nice and cushy, almost like I had a massage. I definitely got a cerebral high, but it didn't seem very sativa like. Typically sativas or hybrids are my best friends, as they lend a hand in keeping my mind on track. This strain brought on a shift, allowing me to become more organized, slow down and focus. While I found a bit of focus, I wouldn't say I was moving quickly and on my toes. I did finish my to-do list, it just took a little longer than I expected. I think this would be nice for someone who’s creating or enjoying the outdoors, as it’s maybe more of an afternoon, chill vape instead of something offering a jolt of energy. Overall, it was a pleasant experience offering a little bit of both worlds, but it definitely leaned more towards the chill side.

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December 1st, 2022
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