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67% THC, 7% CBD

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dosist's all-in-one arouse pen measures each hit you take with a subtle vibration. This pen should leave you floating in a spacey euphoria, so plan on feeling unfocused and unbothered. Like most products for arousal, this one is more likely to enhance than inspire, but if you time it right, a great date night could be in store.

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Expert Review

The Vape For Weddings And Funerals

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Sep 18, 2018 · 6 min read

Even though it's marketed as an arousing vape pen, I found it came in handy for two of life's most uncomfortable events. Read the full story and my review of dosist arouse.

You know it’s going to be a weird one when the day of your childhood friend’s wedding begins with a text from your ride reading, “I guess it’s not chill to bring ppl to a funeral ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

I sighed with relief. The excitement I’d felt for the marriage of two people I love and believe should be married (rare, I know) had only turned to dread when, a week before the wedding, my ride and date demanded I accompany him to a funeral the morning of. Without warning, another text appeared: “Fuck it, let’s do this.” Despite a litany protests on my end ranging from “no one brings friends to a funeral” to simply “plz no,” the wedding was important enough to bear this bizarre contingent. Rolling out of bed, I resigned myself to fate.

As a weed journalist, I always have a bevy of products that need reviewing. For this, the strangest of days, I grabbed Dosist’s Arouse vape pen, which on paper may seem like an odd choice. But being fresh out of a breakup, I was 100% certain a spontaneous sexual encounter would not come out of a day full of weddings and funerals. I’m a firm believer that sexy weed products only put you in the mood if you’re already in a situation where sexy times are bound to happen. Otherwise, they should just get you high like anything else. If anything, the rave reviews I’d heard about the Dosist line made me feel like I could count on having a good time no matter the situation.

About dosist

dosist is an all-in-one vape brand driven by science and the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Each product is designed to treat a specific ailment so you can enjoy life as a fully functional and happy human. From the temperature settings to the measured dose, every element is thought out for you so you can simply puff and go. You can even look up the lab test of your product with its batch number.