bliss dose pen



Product Details

70% THC, 8.5% CBD

Product Description

dosist's all-in-one bliss pen has a subtle floral flavor to its smooth vapor. Put simply, this pen is a mood booster, providing a feeling of contentment without bringing on a heavy high. If you're having a downer of a day, this pen is bound to lift you up. The pen vibrates when you've inhaled one full hit so your blissful dosage is easily measured and consistent.

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About dosist

dosist is an all-in-one vape brand driven by science and the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Each product is designed to treat a specific ailment so you can enjoy life as a fully functional and happy human. From the temperature settings to the measured dose, every element is thought out for you so you can simply puff and go. You can even look up the lab test of your product with its batch number.