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Relaxing Saturday, binging a TV show after soaking up some sun outside. Feeling clear and relaxed.



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Vape pen cartridge made to work with a vape pen battery. Unless otherwise noted, works with the industry standard 5-10 thread vaporizer battery. Screw it in (sometimes press the button), and inhale.

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Racefuel, Alien OG

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Sun Grown

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500mg cartridge, 1g cartridge


If A Woodsy Cabin Were A Vape

A warm, soothing body high combined with an icy-sharp head high gave me all the right feels.

At first blush, EVOLVD’s Thundersnow CAPSL feels a bit awkward. Its shape is reminiscent of a suppository, but the steel and glass construction are difficult to reconcile with that impression. The mouthpiece is as round as a boba straw, requiring one to wrap their lips around it to create a seal rather than rest their lips upon it to draw a gentle breath. The consequence is an awkward combo of puckering and sucking that took me an embarrassing number of seconds to master. I felt like I was sucking a milkshake through a thick straw as opposed to coyly drawing discrete hits from a vape pen. While I was able to successfully use this cartridge with my favorite Vuber Pilot pen battery, it felt obvious that the experience would be superior if I’d had EVOLVD’s corresponding pen battery, which was a bit of a drag. I mean, how many vape batteries does a girl need? But Thundersnow quickly redeemed itself of its perceived inelegance after two remarkably unique, sophisticated hits.

The body high was as warm and fuzzy as a fleece blanket on a snowy night.

Thundersnow is an appropriate name for this CAPSL extract cartridge for a few reasons. First, the body high was as warm and fuzzy as a fleece blanket on a snowy night. No kidding, the onset literally felt like a warm blanket around my shoulders. Second, the head high had the uncanny clarity of the eye of a storm—crisp and clear but blurred at the edges. Third, my first hit made me thunder-cough so hard I gagged. But once I'd gotten the dramatic coughing fit out of the way, Thundersnow offered a very specific type of comfort that was at once a cashmere blur of body buzz and an icily lucid head high. This body-mind combination may sound disparate, but it was in fact a perfect harmony.

I decided to audition this extract in two deliberately different settings in two intentionally different moods: during my hour of quiet time after a long day (when my mood is typically lighter) and before my hour of quiet time first thing in the morning (when I am at my most irritable). The results were far more nuanced than I'd anticipated. On evening number one, the initial draw after a second or two of preheating was a bit stiff and crackly, with a distinct pine and baby powder flavor profile that smelled and tasted like the air of a secluded log cabin in a hemlock forest. It left my throat uncomfortably raw but the discomfort was mostly brief, quickly resolving into a temperate high I could easily enjoy in an everyday setting.

This first dalliance with this cartridge came after a long, but not particularly stressful day of running errands all around the city with my 3-year-old son in tow. Two hits of this cartridge gave me the necessary detachment to conclude my day with lighthearted reflection and serene ease. It felt tantamount to a glass of red wine at the end of a hard-won day, warming my chest in much the same fashion.

It felt to me like a product that would be especially beneficial on long work days that require focus and stamina.

The next morning I switched it up and took two hits of this vape along with my morning coffee, and despite the pine and powder taste, it was the perfect panacea to start the day with. I was relaxed and clear-headed with hot cocoa on Christmas levels of physical comfort. There was no feeling of uncontrollable intoxication, and it very much felt like the type of product I could comfortably use all day without ever achieving a state of paralyzing inebriation. One 3-5 second draw supplied a solid hour and half of palpable chill or balanced perk depending on my resting state. It felt to me like a product that would be especially beneficial on long work days that require focus and stamina, what with the head high being so icy and clear and the body high being so distinctly warm and enveloping.

EVOLVD's CAPSL cartridges are made with medical-grade steel and glass and feature proprietary air flow technology that assures a safe and clean vaping experience. Each of EVOLVD's Artisn Extracts are created by developing specific extraction methods for each specific strain. The result is a masterfully uncluttered, strain-specific experience. While the flavor left something to be desired, I appreciated the departure from the typical candy sweetness of most vape cartridges, and I know plenty of people who would love to inhale the warm sweet air of a woodsy cabin and have it get them high.

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