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Golden Critical Diesel Golden C02


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Critical Diesel Golden C02
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32.6% THC, 33.0% CBD

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Critical Mass, Sour Diesel

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500mg cartridge


Warning: This Cartridge Will Spoil You

Despite the extreme-sounding name, this cartridge gave me all the chill, uplifting vibes I needed to get through my day.

As a perennial joint smoker whose new parenthood coincided perfectly with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Oregon, my transition from grinders and rolling trays to discreet vape pens was inarguable and inevitable. Some moms have snacks and juice in their bags. I have snacks and juice, plus two extract-filled cartridges and a blinged-out battery (I am extra, let me live). I enjoy the practicality of a portable vape and the discretion it affords me during all my important and mature activities. But I have often found cartridge selections to be limited to very high-THC extracts. Since intense sativa strains can be overwhelming to the point of anxiety and stoney indicas bred for annihilation aren't typically great to use during business hours, I find myself actively seeking out 1:1 THC to CBD products more and more often.

This cartridge renewed my everlasting love of cannabis because the cognitive benefits are really that good.

Vape cartridges with a thoughtful balance of THC and CBD are, in my experience, far more satisfying to consume than products with astronomically high percentages of THC and untraceable CBD levels. The reason is simple: Even though I like to be high, I don't particularly like coming off as a maladroit space cadet. When the THC and CBD levels of a product are in perfect harmony, as they are in Golden XTRX's Critical Diesel Golden CO2 cartridge, the high is responsive and rewarding with results that are intensely beneficial for daily use. It’s no exaggeration to say this cartridge renewed my everlasting love of cannabis because the cognitive benefits are really that good.

Golden’s Critical Diesel CO2 oil is pulled from small-batch, single-source strains, and the 32.6% THC, 33% CBD balance makes for a uniquely enlightening strain-specific experience. After two 3-5 second drags of this vape (which tasted peculiarly of fresh dill), all the rough edges of my day began to wear away without impairing my clarity. In the morning, it softened residual grumps and sharpened creative focus. The silky body high was laced with effervescence, soothing and energizing me simultaneously for the better part of two hours. The head high was crystallized enough for me to fill out a trillion school forms without hyperventilating, file an alpine mountain's worth of paperwork without going cross-eyed, and clean a house that a toddler lives in without screaming into a pillow every time I stuck my fingers in something gross (undoubtedly the most demanding of these duties).

This superior experience makes a lot of sense once you get into the science behind it. All of Golden’s CO2 oils boast cold-captured terpenes (AKA a method that keeps all the natural benefits of the plant intact) to create their signature strain-specific vapes. I might be a balanced hybrid kind of gal, but it’s good to know Golden XTRX offers a wide range of sativa, indica, and hybrid CO2 oils on the off-chance I decide to switch it up every once in a while. As an added benefit, all the oils come in 100% PFC-free, stainless steel and quartz glass cartridges so you don’t have to worry about smoking toxic chemicals produced by heated up plastics—yay! They also source all their raw materials from a network of local growers, which makes the whole experience kind of like smoking a farmer’s market if you don’t overthink it.

I managed to feel relaxed without feeling groggy or lethargic—a big difference if you ask me.

My vibe remained chill, authentically pleasant, and optimistic well after the fizzy high from my two hits had faded. When taken in the evening, I found the vape to be equally responsive, affording me a body high that was soothing and warm and a head high that was as crisp as ice water. I was attentively absorbed in both my couch and The Great British Bake Off for a completely acceptable amount of time (about an hour before bed). I managed to feel relaxed without feeling groggy or lethargic—a big difference if you ask me.

As an everyday smoker with a life that doesn't always jibe with bleary-eyed stoniness, products like this are a blessing. While using the Critical Diesel Golden CO2 oil, I never felt impaired or intoxicated. Instead, I felt uplifted and intellectually nimble, able to go about the machinations of the day with a positive attitude that felt anything but manufactured.

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