Naked Live Resin PAX Era Pod



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75.01% THC, 0.24% CBD
Orange, Citrus

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Expert Review

Going Off On A Tangie’nt

Review by Luca Belloiu

Feb 18, 2021 · 4 min read

LEUNE’s Naked Live Resin Tangie is a flavorful and euphoric addition to their PAX Era Pod line.

IN REVIEW: LEUNE’s Naked Live Resin Tangie PAX Era Pod offers 75% THC and endless opportunities. This is a hybrid 500mg pod that delivers sweet notes of citrus and smooth hits in a discreet package. Euphoric and energizing, this PAX Pod is just as great for socializing as it is solo treks into the great outdoors. So pick one up and keep it handy to always be ready to elevate your next adventure.

It’s a few days after Christmas, the tree’s still up, and a rare Southern California rainstorm hits. Meanwhile, I’m curled up next to the fire leaning on my dog and working the battery of my PAX hard with a LEUNE Naked Live Resin Tangie pod. It was as soothing a high as you’re likely to get from vaping live resin. Leune’s Naked series extracts big citrus flavor from this Tangie strain, and each vape offers a sweet seduction that gives off a hoppy finish. It’s a taste that continues to unfold itself all the way to your next vape session. For me that lasted about as long as the rain fell, which was quite a while.