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LEUNE Piña Dream Disposable


Grab this all-in-one vape pen that’s captured the flavors and feelings associated with kicking off a vacation. The tropical notes are unreal, and the nice balance of 61.72% THC to 20.11% CBD will put a smile on your face—just like those fruity cocktails you get when checking into a resort. Take it on your next trip, or break it out during staycation, either way this high will leave you happy, energetic and focused.

Ranked 55 of 319 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.
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Ranked 55 of 319 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Piña Dream Disposable
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61.72% THC, 20.11% CBD

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250mg cartridge


Piña Daydreaming During Quarantine

Allow delicious tropical notes and relaxed vibes to whisk you away to staycation bliss.

IN REVIEW: The Piña Dream Disposable is a well-balanced option for anyone new to vaping, or those looking for an even-keeled, take-you-through-the-day kind of high. The modest blend of 61.72% THC and 20.11% CBD offers the best of both worlds, and ensures that you won't experience an intense peak or crash. Keep this pen around for sunny social days with friends, but it’s equally great for taking some alone time to reflect or dig into a good book. 

Quarantine brought on a new level of chilling, especially during those first couple of weeks.

I guess there are worse things than being confined to our homes in order to flatten the curve, with nothing to do but hang out, nap hard and get high. To focus on the silver linings, it had basically been a vacation for me, and the Piña Dream Vape Pen was exactly what I needed to make the most of my days in solitude.

The immediate high had me ready to experience something great, an adventure of sorts. 

Leune created a fire, all-in-one vaporizer meant to help your mind and body transcend into pure bliss. Its 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD means it will get you super high and also allow the calming effects of CBD to keep you on top of your game. If you’re looking for a mood boost for socializing with others, or just to have a grand time by yourself, take a puff of Piña Dream and CHILL.

First impressions with Piña Dream concluded with one of the most delicious tastes I’ve ever experienced from a vape pen. It was a ridiculously sweet and creamy citrus flavor that hit so smooth, I just couldn’t get enough. I was already in a good mood when I took a couple of hits, but I didn’t want to end the flavor town that was happening in my mouth, so I probably took one too many puffs and lifted off into a field of flowers in the sky, just enjoying the view. The immediate high had me ready to experience something great, an adventure of sorts. But since we were quarantined, there weren’t many places for me to go, except for my apartment’s rooftop.

I grabbed a blanket, a book, and of course the vape pen and made my way to the top. It’s normally a closed roof, but since everyone had been staying at home, they left it open so we could get fresh air without being around a lot of people. So I set up shop and watched the clouds soar by in the sky, changing shapes and sizes as the day continued. I figured this was more of a sativa dominant hybrid strain, my personal preference, so I could feel energized but not shaky, chill but not slumped into my couch. I spent the duration of my high on the roof indulging in self-reflection and a good-ass book.

My body felt good, not heavy, but relaxed, and my mind was buzzing with happy thoughts.

Session two was equally as amazing, and I again found myself not wanting to stop tasting the full flavor of citrus cream, but my new couch was just delivered, so I spent the afternoon lounging in comfort and catching up on Love Island (my ultimate guilty pleasure). There’s something about new furniture or adult purchases that just make me feel like a complete boss. I couldn’t get enough of rolling around on this crushed velvet while intermittently stopping to stretch my five-foot-tall body straight across without touching the other side. My body felt good, not heavy, but relaxed, and my mind was buzzing with happy thoughts while also being able to focus on who was hooking up with who on The Island.

This was a HAPPY high. Pure, ecstatic feels from the first pull until I realized I wasn’t really high anymore, but the long-lasting effects were prominent. I felt good about myself, my surroundings and my situation, despite the pandemic looking to fuck 2020 up. The only downside was that when the pen ran out I didn’t know exactly where to re-up since I was blind testing greatness. But now that I have the inside scoop, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Here’s to us keeping a Piña Dream all-in-one vaporizer on hand at all times.

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October 20th, 2021

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