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LEUNE Piña Dream PAX Era Pod


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Piña Dream PAX Era Pod
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65.97% THC, 21.97% CBD

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500mg PAX Era Pod


Hold the Colada and Keep the Cannabis

Let LEUNE’s Piña Dream PAX Era pod transport you to a tropical Shangri-La.

IN REVIEW: This versatile, uplifting cannabis oil is great for consumers at any tolerance level. Expect light and approachable effects and a fruity flavor to help you unwind and go with the flow. With 65.97% THC and 21.97% CBD, this thoughtful cannabinoid concentration simply calls forth a calmer version of yourself without an overly intense high. And the fact that it’s in a PAX pod allows you to take it everywhere and hit it nearly anywhere, meaning an instant mood boost is never far away.

Being that all air travel has been curtailed for the foreseeable future, Piña Dream by LEUNE is about the closest I’ll get to my idea of a tropical paradise. Granted, it’s not the same as floating on a banana raft in Bermuda while being covered in tropical drink umbrellas and a perpetual tan, but it gets darn close. This PAX Era Pod packs an alluring blend of pineapple and herbs, and if you like a little sweetness in your vapes, you can’t go wrong here.

This is a 3:1 THC to CBD PAX Era pod that’s adept at putting you in a more relaxed state of mind. It served me well after I was looking for some post-workout respite. A morning spent trail running is always followed by my knees waving the metaphorical white flag. I vaped the Piña Dream and savored every pull. As I began icing my ankles, I sank into my couch like a squeaky dumbwaiter.

This is a subtle and short-lasting vape that calls for regular pulls.

This is a subtle and short-lasting vape that calls for regular pulls, depending on your tolerance level. The ratio is good for those who just want to unwind without being blasted off into a faraway galaxy. I appreciated its modest nature as I sneaked over to the communal development hot tub after hours and treated myself to a covert soak.

The mix of sweet pineapple cannabis oil and the soothing sensation of jacuzzi jets working their hydromagic on my back was a heavenly feeling. It brought me back to simpler times, and I could swear that if I closed my eyes I’d feel like I was back in Maui or the Bahamas, if even for a moment. Until I opened them again, where I could then see my disheveled neighbor wearing a robe from the Archie Bunker collection giving me a discerning look, all while walking his Pomeranian.

I thought I’d better wrap up my illicit hot tub session, on account the local Karen brigade may rat me out to the much feared H.O.A board. It felt like drudgery gathering up my things and toweling off for the grueling 50 yard walk. I was profoundly relaxed, and secretly wished that I’d just be carried to my door like C3PO entering the Ewok Village.

I was profoundly relaxed, and secretly wished that I’d just be carried to my door like C3PO entering the Ewok Village.

On my way back, I encountered the development brass—and he was none too pleased. Apparently someone tipped him off about my after-hours hot tub dalliance, and he saw it fit to read me the riot act in the most passive aggressive way he could muster. Throughout his reminding me of the stupid after-hour pool & hot tub rules, I bet myself silently that this guy was once the greatest hall monitor his elementary school had ever produced. I was sure of it. Then I was transfixed by his eyebrows, and may have even entered a fugue state as I stood there holding my sailboat-design beach towel, silently wondering when the good lord would send this man back home where he could finish watching The Masked Singer and leave me in peace.

I must give a lot of credit to LEUNE and this Piña Dream PAX Era pod for keeping my brain function in a peaceful homeostasis throughout the entire sidewalk lecture. A more “on edge” version of myself would have probably told him exactly what I think about the HOA rules, and such a reaction could have had a butterfly effect that would’ve irreparably altered the future for the worse. Then I thought about what a fine idea it would be to hand these PAX Era Pods out at the next U.N council meeting. As a sort of olive branch. One could only dream…. or….wait for it…Piña Dream.

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January 26th, 2023
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