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This Pen Pumps You Up Before It Puts You To Bed

Review by Proper Staff

Feb 24, 2023 · 5 min read

The Ace of Spades CBN Pen from O.pen is a positivity powerhouse that pulls double duty.

In Review: The Ace of Spades Vape from O.pen will put you at ease no matter what’s on your plate. While it was designed to provide just the lullaby you need to hit the hay, it will also loosen you up with notes of lemon and an amiable high that can help you push through a workout or shine in social situations. One of O.pen’s Daily Strains, you can rest assured that this was scientifically formulated to achieve consistent effects and a fantastic flavor profile. So stock up, and get ready to power down.

The box for this O.pen cartridge says, “Sleepy.” Score: I love to sleep! I try to get at least eight hours each night (I know, this is a luxury for many) and become a grumpy bear when I’m tired. Unfortunately, I’m also a light sleeper. The gentle rustle of my partner reaching for their phone in the morning wakes me up, regardless of how silent they think they’re being. Even more unfortunately, I’m also an occasional insomniac, especially when I’m stressed.

Fortunately, there’s weed for this.