White Widow CBG Cartridge



Expert Review

O.Pen’s White Widow Is A Heavy Hitter

Review by Proper Staff

Feb 24, 2023 · 6 min read

This pen weaves a web that will trap you in a potent and lasting high.

In Review: O.pen’s White Widow CBG Cartridge is a heavy hitter worth keeping handy for any upcoming plans that would benefit from some powerful bud. As they say, this one bites, so if you’re new to cannabis, start slow and let it lull you into a state of relaxed euphoria as you soak in its earthy undertones. Though if you’ve been around the block, you will find a friend in this powerful pen that’s perfect for everything from social situations to settling in for a movie marathon.

If you enjoy scheduling travel, following complicated recipes, or holding intelligent conversations while high, O.pen’s White Widow CBG probably isn’t the cartridge for you. If you like turning your monkey mind off and living entirely in the present, fire it up. 

And—real talk—if you really love being blazed out of your mind, then you’ll really love this cartridge, which can be used with any 510 battery, or O.pen’s own proprietary battery. It’s gotten this daily consumer higher than I’ve been in a long time, which has been a mostly pleasant experience.