Purple Punch Cartridge - 1g



Product Details

78.75% THC, 0.08% CBD
Grape, Earthy

Product Description

OLD PAL's Purple Punch Cartridge delivers a smooth, herbal vapor and a balanced high. You can expect to feel mellow and relaxed while the body buzz erases the tensions of the day. The Purple Punch strain is a good high for chilling out by yourself or curling up with a blanket, but don't expect any motivated energy. This high was made for hanging out in the hammock or cruising through museums with friends.

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Expert Review

Rose-Colored Glasses Have Nothing On This High

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 24, 2019 · 5 min read

Blending past and present seamlessly, this vape is perfect for lighthearted hangs with friends and solo adventures.

Truth be told, I did not know what to think of this OLD PAL strain cartridge at first. Its overtness and brash dedication to grape punch reminded me of my second-grade nemesis turned chum, Arthur Bagwell. While the name suggests a lineage of some nobility or landed gentry, he was anything but. This boy wielded a grape juice box every day for lunch and would spill it on his shirt and cover half his face as he ranted about Hulk Hogan or Transformers. I vowed to shun him lest I be associated. But that didn’t last very long. Despite his messiness, Arthur was handy to have on a dodgeball team and always quick with an off-color joke. His tenacity and ability to spin a yarn wore me down, and I soon surrendered myself to this Whirling Dervish and joined in the fun.

It didn’t take long for this cartridge to coax the weird out of me.


Old Pal's products have been well received by the baby boomer generation, who appreciate the brand's simplicity and the fact that they remind them of how cannabis used to be. And while their products remain approachable and accessible, don't let that fool you into thinking they aren’t also high quality and fit for those who love a more potent experience. As they have fostered relationships and sourced from 150+ farms over the years, creating a selection and supply chain that’s second to none.