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Orchid Essentials Tropical Trainwreck


Orchid's Tropical Trainwreck vape cartridge has a strong pineapple flavor with a floral undertone. The high kicks in at a balanced pace, and it's typically a happy and comfortable one. The relaxed vibes of this high pair well with a spa day or breezy summer afternoon.

Ranked 132 of 271 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 132 of 271 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Tropical Trainwreck
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1g cartridge


The Vape With All The Tropical Spa Vacation Vibes

It may sound like a cheesy beer ad, but it's true that this vape transported me to a tropical island getaway.

It’s rare that I’m stunned by the fragrance of a cannabis product—particularly concentrates, which are not often known for their ambient aromas. So the flash of confusion I had upon opening the sealed, unmarked mylar bag containing this 1-gram cartridge was understandable. I momentarily thought someone was slicing fresh pineapple in my kitchen. The aroma is shockingly authentic; top notes of bright, juicy pineapple are balanced by the telltale undertone of savory funk that you only really get from the ripest fruits. Before I’d even taken my first look at Orchid Essentials’ C02 Tropical Trainwreck distillate cartridge, I was salivating. I love pineapple and could not wait to see if the flavor of this extract matched its stunning perfume.

Orchid’s process of re-mixing terpenes feels like the next logical step in the science of extraction and distillation.

Orchid Essentials’ unique distillation process puts terpenes front and center. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds naturally found in the essential oils of a vast number of plants (and a few insects). Just as the tart fragrance of lemon is integral to the fruit’s flavor, the herbaceous notes in cannabis are integral to the flower’s effect. Terpenes are essential to our experiences with cannabis and are crucial in establishing strain specificity. Terpenes ultimately define what draws us to our favorite strains. Orchid’s extraction and distillation process involves integrating terpenes not just from cannabis but also non-cannabis plants. This inspired method of production has resulted in not just an unforgettable fragrance, but also the feeling I was vaping pure pineapple juice, which—and I can’t stress this enough—was incomparably pleasant.

My favorite products are ones that boost my creativity, enhance my focus, and help me maintain my chill demeanor. Flavors surely factor into how I experience a product, but almost exclusively in a secondary way. Cannabis terpenes are distinct, and most cannabis plants share a common base fragrance: the skunky, grassy, herbal foundation that supports fruits, flowers, and other aromatics in creating strain specificity. Orchid’s process of re-mixing terpenes feels like the next logical step in the science of extraction and distillation. They have gone beyond manufacturing a high; they have curated an entire experience. It arrives with a mouthful of tropical fruit (like, am I drinking a cocktail at the registration desk of an island hotel right now?) and egresses like an ocean breeze on the bittersweet last day of a secluded getaway.

At $68 for the complete kit (a cartridge and battery), it should feel like a mini vacation. Even the look of the unit feels decidedly exorbitant. Tropical Trainwreck’s accompanying battery is a beefy vape pen, austere in its size and weight. Though the battery theoretically could support any cartridge with a 510 threading, “Orchid does not suggest using other cartridges since the battery may be too powerful and burn your wick out, causing burnt flavor, taste, and discoloration of the cartridge oil.” This is true. The battery heats up powerfully quick and this cartridge’s inhale is a bit crackly, so preheat and sip gently for the smoothest hit.

It was a little like being thrown into a marshmallow—an adrenaline blur followed by a soft landing.

While Orchid describes the C02 distillate's flavor profile as a combination of pineapple, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors, the taste is decidedly pineapple forward. There are delicate hints of cabana cocktail on the exhale, but pineapple dominates the profile. The flavor is aptly matched by the high. A deceptively potent 64.7% concentration of THC delivered a rush of excitement that settled like sand through an hourglass. It was a little like being thrown into a marshmallow—an adrenaline blur followed by a soft landing. After two modest sips of this cartridge, I felt like the obvious thing to do was take a decadent hot shower. The hot water forced a sort of plateau in the high and the result was luxuriously mellow, really playing into the tropical spa vacation vibes.

After my shower, I was moved to snuggle into a corner of the couch and devour a few pages of my sketchbook, which I did with mellow enthusiasm (my preferred brand) thanks to Tropical Trainwreck's dampening of any nervous, unsure pencil marks. The cushy comedown after my shower flowed perfectly into a creative, productive high—my absolute favorite as mentioned earlier. Throughout all of this, the high was unexpectedly enveloped in a delicious cloud of ripe, juicy pineapple, a matchup that may very well redefine how I experience terpenes in extracts from here on out.

Pair this singular vape with your Tommy Bahama button-down and tiki cocktail of choice—or maybe just a bubble bath and sheet mask at home. Either way, you’re likely to get some chill island vibes and/or vacation-level creative inspiration.

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