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Product Description

Now amped with 100% single-source, fresh-frozen flower, RYTHM LIVE takes vape flavor to a new level. By extracting the full profile of a single RYTHM Premium Flower strain, they’ve created a more potent, terpene-rich vape oil. This fine-tuned formula retains the aroma and taste of fresh flowers, just as our growers intended.


RYTHM is a cannabis brand that prides itself on delivering the highest quality products without compromise. Their premium flower is expertly cultivated and meticulously cured to offer optimal potency, lush aromas, and rich flavors. And the brand's remastered RYTHM LIVE formula will take your vape experience to a new level with a terpene-rich extract crafted from 100% fresh frozen flower. With their efforts to offer a variety of different strains for different moments, we recommend you set up a puffable playlist of classics and put it on repeat.