Blue Dream Elite Cartridge - .5g



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84% THC
Blueberry, Earthy

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Buzzed In Barcelona

Review by Kelly Graham

Jun 22, 2022 · 4 min read

Getting lit on the go with Select's Blue Dream.

IN REVIEW: Perfect for an adventure at any time of day, Select’s Blue Dream vape cart offers a creative, uplifted high with a calm finish. Its berry-forward flavor and floral aroma will simply take your mind on a journey without slowing you down. So whether you’re on vacation exploring a new city or trying to get some work done, this 84% THC hybrid concentrate delivers the best mixture of what indicas and sativas can offer in one convenient product.

Whenever I travel, one of the first things that come to mind is, how am I going to bring weed with me—and maybe that’s just me, but it matters. So when I was planning my trip abroad to Barcelona, I naturally started planning the best way to get lit while I was across the pond. 

Even though cannabis is perfectly legal in Spain, I always feel nervous traveling with flower. You just never know what TSA agent is going to be in a bad mood and decide to ruin your trip. That’s why I decided that edibles and vapes were likely going to be my best bet.

About Select

Born from a bad cough (we’ve all been there), Select has been driven by a desire to create a safer and more reliable vape experience ever since. So when it comes to qualities like consistency and dependability, their innovative team is always striving to be the best. Now serving up edibles and beverages with their hand-filled carts, each product is inspected through four quality control stations to ensure the highest level of purity, as well as a flavor-forward experience and smooth feel every time. Which has all led to them being the best-selling brand on the West Coast for years, and they have no intention of handing over their crown.