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Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato Cartridge


Shebinskis' Bacio Gelato Cartridge delivers a silky, uplifting vapor with a pleasant earthy flavor and an aftertaste of citrus. The high is often balanced and relaxed without costing you your focus. When consumed sparingly, the high is light enough to help you coast through work with a gentle comedown.

Ranked 134 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

The Proper Report

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The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Head High


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The Score

Ranked 134 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Bacio Gelato Cartridge
Product Information

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73.6% THC, 0.18% CBD

Extraction Type


Side Effects



Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint GSC

Terpenes Profile


Grow Environment


Package Contents/Qty

500mg cartridge

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

The taste is exceptional, reminds me of seared garlic salmon sushi with shiso a touch of wasabi and uni butter. It’s rich, spicy, herbal citrus-sweet, and satisfying.

September 5th, 2021
Mark Cole

I’m always looking for a premium live resin product that can melt away the cortisol and dopemine blast me to the moon, that’s equal parts body euphoria, arousing chi, pain relieving, and sizzle. The fascination in these trichimes seals the satisfaction. Better than a Gelato 33 infused Jeeter.

September 5th, 2021
Mark Cole

Sherbinskis. Sherbinskis. Sherbinskis. This is the one! The orange/citrus flavor is full-on. The high is outstanding. The focusing and slightly uplifting effects are perfect for getting through the workday slump. I've always got one of these in my stash.

July 13th, 2020

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