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Sherbinskis Premium Live Resin Cartridge Mochi Gelato - 1g


Premium Live Resin Cartridge Mochi Gelato - 1g


Mochi is a creamy treat with fruity flavors and a fun high. Good for getting the creative juices flowing without clouding the mind, this indica-leaning smoke is a great way to start the day and still function. Like chewing on a green mochi ball, there’s complexity with sweet, tangy notes evolving into an earthy, minty punch. Delivering a heavy high with an uplifting balance, a lot of musicians and artists gravitate to this strong, soothing strain.

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Premium Live Resin Cartridge Mochi Gelato - 1g
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1g cartridge


Potent, Portable And Perfectly Chill

Sherbinski’s Mochi Gelato vape is perfect for socializing, tackling a to-do list and working out.

IN REVIEW: The Mochi Gelato Live Resin vape from Sherbinskis a sweet, citrusy and silky sipper with 79.24% THC. You can expect an instant dose of euphoria and joy from this all-natural and single-source hybrid. A cross between their sought after Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint strains, their fan-favorites have been refined for a pure and portable product you’d be lucky to have in your pocket. So pick one up and take a pull to make your evening stroll a bit brighter.

This is a smooth hitting vape from Sherbinskis with sweet citrus notes that continue to unfold long after you release your hit. There is a subtle creaminess to the flavor that really elevates this cart in terms of complexity, and the layered taste calls for repeat vaping. Coming in at almost 80% THC, the Mochi Gelato provides a strong but manageable buzz, and it made the perfect sidekick for a day of decorating and house chores.

This high is relaxing, but also strangely focusing.

It took only two or three good pulls off this vape to get me completely outside of myself. Up to that moment I had been running around, stressing and complaining, and suddenly it all vanished. It was as if I just placed all my worries in the basket of a hot air balloon and wished them well as I waved goodbye. After about 15 minutes I could not even recall what had troubled me. Instead, I focused intently on the task at hand. This high is relaxing, but also strangely focusing. This turned out to be a good thing because I would need the clarity of mind to help the wife take down the Halloween decorations and put up the Thanksgiving ones. Being a household that values the holidays as much as we love our cannabis, this was no small task.

The changing of the festive guard was accented by a pumpkin pie that was recently baked. Not that I’m setting up an herb and gourd tasting menu, but it should be noted that the nutmeggy deliciousness of a pumpkin pie goes wonderfully with Sherbinksi’s mochi gelato vape. I felt like I was in some futuristic pumpkin patch where I was using Linus from the Peanuts gang as an avatar to locate the Great Pumpkin himself. No small task for a vape cart to deliver such a euphoric wallop.

Things only got more electrified when I put on my patented Mashed Potato Mix. It’s a collection of Thanksgiving Day songs I put together that I thought best expressed the true spirit of the holiday. It’s Bjork and Bad Company heavy, but that’s neither here nor there. My wife was just happy that she didn’t have to listen to the Monster Mash on loop like when we had put up the Halloween decorations a month earlier. She was also happy that I was no longer smoking weed in the living room. I told her, “That’s what this vape is for,” and then handed her a cardboard turkey to place on the mantle. I found most everything funny with this high. For instance, when my dog got tangled up in a recycling bag and started running around the house while James Brown’s “Living in America” was playing. That was just the pinnacle of humorous hijinks in my opinion.

 I maintained an optimistic and inquisitive attitude, and never felt groggy or anxious.

This high delivered each time I turned to it. I maintained this optimistic and inquisitive attitude, and never felt groggy or anxious. When everything was set up and the boxes put away, we relaxed in front of the fire like they do in the movies as I sunk deep into the sofa. (While I hit the vape pen for what seemed like the hundredth time.) By this point I was terminally relaxed. The entire experience was like an S-curve of energy, and it had finally reached a gentle repose. Great for not only tackling creative pursuits and house projects, but also kicking back with a good movie or playlist.

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December 10th, 2022
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