Blue Dream Cartridge



Product Details

72% THC, 0.18% CBD
Earthy, Blueberry

Product Description

Sonder's Blue Dream Cartridge has a sweet grapefruit flavor in its silky smooth vapor. It tends to produce a potent and uplifting head high with a strong body buzz following not too far behind. This is an ideal lazy day high. It pairs beautifully with a heavy blanket on the couch. Use this to keep aches at bay while you soak in a hot bath or float around the house.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

A Blue Dream Cartridge True To Its Dreamy Name

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 10, 2019 · 5 min read

This dreamlike high turned the mall into a real adventure.

IN REVIEW: Sonder managed to distill all the best attributes of the Blue Dream strain in this Blue Dream cartridge. As reviewer Luca attests, it delivers a perfect, dreamlike high that can add an element of whimsy and curiosity to even the most mundane daily activities (like waiting in line at the post office). Start with a few hits, embark on virtually any activity, and see where this high takes you.

When Carl Jung spoke of dreams as the bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind, he may as well have been speaking about my local post office where a line can stretch across the county line with no chance of being spared an early reprieve from the darkness that is shipping one lonely box in the midst of thousands. This is where I found myself on a hot and sunny morning in the San Fernando Valley. This is also where I cleverly fortified myself for the adventure by vaping Sonder’s Blue Dream cartridge.