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Jul 24, 2023 · 5 min read

AlienLabs' range of high-quality cannabis products promise a cosmic journey unlike any other.

If you're in search of an exceptional cannabis experience that goes beyond the norm, look no further than AlienLabs, the brainchild of Ted Lidie. Lidie, a self-proclaimed stoner, built the AlienLabs brand on a foundation of passion and authenticity. And with a devotion to skate culture, premium weed, and all things geeky, Lidie hasn't just helped evolve the cannabis game, he's catapulted it into the cosmos.

With his extraordinary vision, AlienLabs has developed unique, proprietary strains and ventured boldly into new frontiers with their innovative product lines. And it's no surprise that the team's commitment to research, development, and genuine labor of love has earned them a stellar reputation in the California cannabis market and beyond.

AlienLabs has a dynamic product portfolio that includes a variety of high-quality cannabis concentrates, flowers, gummies, and vapes. With one of their most noteworthy products being their solventless gummy line.

These aren't your average gummies. Infused with hash instead of the more common rosin, these gluten-free, vegan gummies, crafted with all-natural ingredients and pure cane sugar, are designed to deliver a more intricate, full-spectrum effect. They come in a variety of flavors, each enriched with Flavor Asteroids – AlienLabs' unique twist on nerds candy – for an added flavor boost and exciting crunchy texture.

As for the in-house bred strains, there's no shortage of mind-bending options. Atomic Apple, a strain with beautiful bud structure and sour apple candy flavoring with hints of fuel and vanilla cream, can send you to an entirely different dimension with its high cannabinoid profiles.

If you enjoy a complex sensory experience, you might gravitate towards KryptoChronic, a unique blend of Alien Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG that tastes like a bowl of fruity pebbles splashed with gas. Xeno, a mix of Zkittlez and Kush Mints, boasts a distinctive Trix cereal-like flavor that's guaranteed to take you on a cosmic ride.

But AlienLabs didn't stop there. With their unique Area 41 strain, a fusion of Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41, and the beloved Biskanté, a combination of Melonade and Biscotti #6, they've ensured there's something to suit every palate and purpose.

From humble beginnings on the medicinal side to a reputable name in the recreational market, AlienLabs' ethos remains unchanged. Every product they develop is something Lidie and his team would happily use themselves. Their commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation has brought them a loyal following of both experienced connoisseurs and cannabis newcomers.

But for Lidie, it's about more than just creating exceptional cannabis products. He sees AlienLabs as a tribute to the counterculture he loves, a tribute that resonates with consumers. With his deep appreciation for the plant, Lidie has managed to build a brand and team that not only transforms the cannabis game, but also gives back to the culture that has inspired them. It's about seeking new frontiers, pushing boundaries, and staying true to the scene.

Whether you're into the nerdy aesthetics or the premium quality products, AlienLabs, under the leadership of Ted Lidie, has created a whole new universe in the cannabis market that's definitely worth exploring. Check it out below.



AlienLabs' Eighths are a ticket to an interstellar journey, filled with premium, hand-selected strains like Atomic Apple, Xeno or Biskanté. Meticulously packaged for optimal freshness, these eighths deliver a burst of unique flavors and intense highs.





14g Smalls

Small but mighty, the 14g Smalls from AlienLabs pack a wallop. Each nugget boasts the same quality, intricacy, and aromatic appeal expected from AlienLabs full-sized flower, just in a more compact form - making them perfect for personal use or sharing with a fellow cosmonaut.

AlienLabsOZ Kush Smalls - 14g


AlienLabsY2K Smalls - 14g



Indoor Pre-Rolls

Crafted with care and precision, AlienLabs' Indoor Pre-Rolls are the perfect companions for any adventure. Filled with whole flower and their popular in-house bred strains, each pre-roll offers a smooth, consistent burn for an optimal smoking experience, anytime, anywhere.

AlienLabsKryptochronic Pre-Roll - 1g


AlienLabsGemini Pre-Roll - 1g




Step into a celestial flavor galaxy with AlienLabs' Gummies. Made with solventless hash and natural ingredients, these gluten-free, vegan delights offer a full-spectrum cannabis experience that is tastefully balanced with unique 'Flavor Asteroids'.

AlienLabsCosmic Coconut Galactic Gummies - 100mg


AlienLabsCotton Cluster Galactic Gummies - 100mg




Live Resin Carts

AlienLabs' Live Resin Carts capture the pure essence of their most beloved strains in a discreet and portable form. Extracted at peak freshness to preserve the integrity of the terpenes, these carts deliver the ultimate full-spectrum, high-fidelity cannabis experience.

AlienLabsBaklava Live Resin Cartridge - 1g


AlienLabsXeno Live Resin Cartridge - 1g


Live Resin Disposables

With convenience and quality at the forefront, AlienLabs' Live Resin Disposables are ready to launch anyone into the cosmos straight out of the box. Imbued with premier live resin, one can expect a potent, flavorful, and authentic experience without the hassle of charging, refilling or locking yourself into one format.

AlienLabsAgent X Live Resin Disposable - 500mg


AlienLabsAtomic Apple Live Resin Disposable - 500mg



Cured Resin Carts

AlienLabs' Cured Resin Carts are for those seeking the robust, complex profiles of well-aged cannabis. AlienLabs meticulously cures select strains to perfection before extracting, resulting in a rich, deeply flavorful vapor that transports users to other dimensions.

AlienLabsBK Satellite Cured Resin Cartridge - 1g


AlienLabsMelonade Cured Resin Cartridge - 1g





AlienLabs' Rosin is a solventless wonder, providing a pure, intense, and full-bodied experience. Derived from their finest strains using heat and pressure, this rosin preserves the complete spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for a concentrate that truly embodies AlienLabs' premium quality in concentrate form.

AlienLabsAlien Labs x Kalya | Apollo 41 Cold Cured Rosin - 1g


AlienLabsAlien Labs x Kalya | Xerbacio Cold Cured Rosin - 1g




Power up the AlienLabs experience with a reliable, high-performance battery. Engineered for optimal compatibility with their vape carts, this accessory ensures that no one will ever miss a moment of their cosmic cannabis journey.

AlienLabs510 Battery


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AlienLabsCotton Cluster Galactic Gummies - 100mg




AlienLabsKryptochronic Pre-Roll - 1g


AlienLabs510 Battery


AlienLabsBaklava Live Resin Cartridge - 1g