The Workday Survival Kit: California Edition
by Kate Ryan
Apr 12, 20193 minute read

Don't experiment with weed during the workday until you've consulted this list.

In theory, a little upbeat weed before work sounds like a great idea. In reality, experimenting with any substance while attempting to take public transit, organize your day, and stay awake past noon can be a recipe for disaster. Leave the guesswork to the Proper Cannabis Committee, our collective of weed experts that tests the best cannabis products in the country so you don’t have to. After thousands of hours inhaling, ingesting, and tincturing in every imaginable situation, the Committee found these products to be ideal for the daily grind. 

When you’re looking to wake the heck up:

Jetty Extracts’ Sage & Sour Pax Era Pod was made for groggy, foggy mornings (and the PAX Era battery, so make sure you order one of those). Puff on this earthy, herbal oil on your walk to the bus for a boost of joyful energy and increased focus.

Brite Labs’ Chemdawg PAX Era Pod is known for its stimulating, creative, and confident high—all qualities you want on a Monday morning. One or two hits is all it takes to feel a rush of enthusiasm for whatever it is you’re doing. As one rater put it, this pod is “bright like a cold whiskey sour on a hot summer day.” 

When you need to calm the heck down:

Kiva’s Eucalyptus Petra Mints have the benefit of passing as regular mints while providing a light, upbeat high. With 2.5mg of THC per mint and a cool, icy flavor, you could easily stop at one or microdose throughout the day for long-lasting calm. If you can resist crunching these mints, they'll act more like a sublingual, delivering that wash of calm within 30 minutes. 

You won’t notice psychoactive effects so much as an absence of irritability and minor aches.

Dosist’s all-in-one calm pen does just that: calm you down without bogging you down. This sleek, 50mg pen vibrates when you’ve inhaled one dose, making it stupid easy to keep track of your perfect dose. Containing 64.5% CBD and a scant 5.5% THC, you won’t notice psychoactive effects so much as an absence of irritability and minor aches.

Similar to their minty sisters, Kiva's Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies have a low-key yet calming 2mg of THC per serving. But with an added 6mg of CBD, they provide a surprising dose of physical relief as well. The subtle flavors of pear and cider will tempt you to eat more than one, but I'd recommend starting slow unless you're looking to feel like a plush stuffed animal among normal human coworkers.

When deadlines become all too real:

LEVEL’s Sativa ProTab is a lightning bolt of focus you can swallow. Despite their small size, these ProTabs have been known to sustain the initial surge of attentiveness all day long. With 25mg of THC per tiny tablet, these are best left to those with high tolerances and expectations.

Sunday Goods' all-in-one Spark pen delivers dialed-in focus with just a few tart, citrusy hits. As one rater put it, “It definitely made me more focused and alert but not high at all.” With its sleek design, this vape could easily disappear in a pencil case.

Photos by Anthony Tripoli. 

About the Author

by Kate Ryan
Apr 12, 20193 minute read

As a mutt mom, sci-fi buff, and soft athlete, Kate likes low-dose products that have an intoxicating edge with a side of relief. Don't expect her to try anything without a balanced ratio of THC to CBD.

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