The Best Edibles To Help You Stay Asleep
Guide by Kate Ryan
Nov 03, 2020 · 5 min read

Restless nights are no match for these weedy treats.

We’ve all been there. You fall asleep easily only to wake up fully alert a few hours before your alarm is set to go off. Do you get up and go? Try to go back to sleep? Not getting a full night’s rest can throw off your entire day, but not everyone wants prescription sleep meds and the health risks that come with them. As you likely already know, weed and sleep go together like peanut butter and jelly. But that doesn’t mean all cannabis products are great for restless nights. If pain is keeping you up at night, high doses of CBD can help, while overactive minds could benefit from a combination of CBD and THC.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve focused on edibles because they provide full-body highs that last well into the night. Keep in mind, edible highs can take up to two hours to kick in. That means taking too much too long before bed can spark some paranoia (not ideal for sleep) and taking too much right before bed can leave you feeling groggy the next morning (not ideal for waking). Finding that perfect dose requires a little trial and error, but if you’re brand-spanking-new to edibles, we recommend starting with no more than 5mg of THC. You could also check out our guide to sleepy vapes if the idea of edibles is a tad intimidating. 

The Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has spoken. These are the best edibles for staying asleep throughout the night.

If sipping a warm beverage before bed wasn’t relaxing enough, this cannabis-infused herbal tea by kikoko was popular with the Committee for a few reasons. The 3mg of THC in each sachet works synergistically with 20mg of CBD to soothe bodily aches and slow the mind. As an added benefit, the effects kick in rather quickly and it’s tasty as heck. The potency does not get stronger the longer you let it steep, so feel free to keep that teabag in as long as your heart desires. 

Available in California. 

This is half sublingual, half edible, and the effects should mirror that in a way that really benefits a sleep aid. Hold it under your tongue for as long as you can for faster effects, but you’ll ultimately swallow some to give you a sort of time-released effect as well. The flavor is better than most sublinguals, but not exactly in the fruity gummy territory. Concealability and ease of use make this perfect for travel or daily use. 

Available in California

With 20mg of THC per cluster, these edibles are not for the faint of heart, but their ability to help PCC raters sleep through the night secured them a high score. Rater Khara Krawczyk wrote, “Holy moly, these knocked me out! Half a dose and a couple hits of flower later I was out like a light.” To avoid feeling drowsy the next morning, take your preferred dose two hours before bedtime. 

Available in California.

These plushy, perfect little pillows were made to send you to yours. Midnight Blueberry Gummies fall under Kiva’s “Sleep” category, meaning they’ve had indica associated terpenes mixed back in after the distillation process. Expect time to slow down as your mind and body start to relax, and before you know it you’ll succumb to the sandman. 

Available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.

These Plus gummies have a near-perfect blend of cannabinoids and melatonin that's ready to put you down. Expect the sucky parts of your day to fade from your thoughts and leave in their place a sense of contentment. As you start to metabolize these little guys, you’ll notice a sudden turn towards relaxation, relief and relegating yourself to the bedroom. Enjoy a sweet after dinner treat, and a full 8 hours of sleep. 

Available in California. 

It'd be easy to mistake this perfectly tempered chocolate for an unmedicated bar if it weren't for the sedating body high. If you plan on pairing the strong body buzz with a night of binge-watching, be prepared to sleep through the night on your couch. Should you manage to stay awake, you'll likely get a surge of arousal—or the munchies. Either way, you're in for a good time leading up to bed. 

Available in California.

Breez’s Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Spray will both freshen your breath and ease you into sleep. A balanced 5mg of both THC and CBD in each pump means low and high tolerance users alike can count on this spray for nighttime relief. Administer it sublingually (spray under your tongue and hold for 20 seconds) and expect to feel the sedating effects kick in in 30 minutes or less. 

Available in California. 

Add this fruity drink mix to your favorite nightcap cocktail or tea to sip your way into a deep and lasting slumber. The resulting body high can be quite heavy, so be sure to only reach for this single-serving packet when you’re ready to be down for the count. 

Available in California. 

Dr. norm cooked up a great straight CBD option for anyone needing help hitting the hay while wanting to skip the high. These scrumptious, sweet and salty cookies are vegan, pack in 15mg of CBD and have only 38 calories. Consume with confidence to be counting sheep in no time. 

Available in California. 

Kiva’s Wild Berry Camino Gummies are flavorful, exquisitely textured sleeping supplements. Between a luxuriously heavy body high and happy head high, they make perfect sleeping companions. As one rater put it, “This is such a pleasant high I'd equate it to being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold morning.” 

Available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.

Photos by Anthony Tripoli. 

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