Flower For Every Weed Smoker On Your Holiday Gift List
Guide by Morgan S
Dec 06, 2019 · 6 min read

Give the gift of weed this year.

It's that time of year again. And if you're like us, you probably look forward to buying personal, special gifts for the loved ones in your life only to end up buying Rite Aid slippers for everyone at the last minute. We see you. That's why we put together this list of the best weed for every smoker on your holiday shopping list. Simply pick the flower that best suits their needs—whether it's stress relief, better sleep, or a boost of focus—and feel good knowing the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has reviewed and recommended all of these top picks. 

Whether your loved ones are cannabis flower aficionados or brand new to the weed game, it's not a bad idea to round out your gift with a Yew Yew Succulent Triangle Pipe or a classic Summerland Chongo bong so they have all the tools they need to smoke your gift, too. And should anyone ask, "Wait, how long does flower stay fresh?" Send them this helpful guide to storing and preserving weed year-round. It's a lot easier than plumbing the depths of Reddit, we swear. 

Effect: Focus
Potency: 17.01% THC, 0.07% CBD

Caliva's Black Jack is the ideal cannabis flower for tuning into a quiet moment. After a few hits of this, you'll likely feel absorbed into your surroundings. It has a strong lemony flavor and energetic body buzz that should appeal to the creative friends on your shopping list this year. This is a gift for the people who never stop moving but maybe should give the flowers a whiff every once in a while. This flower, to be exact. As one PCC rater who reviewed this flower noted, “Different plants are blooming since last night, so the view is completely different and this buzz makes you wanna stare at it all. The window overlooking one of the trees is full of hummingbirds. Love when a high helps you tune in.”

Effect: Sleep
Potency: 20.08% THC, 0.02% CBD

Humboldt Farms' Purple Punch Premium cannabis flower is a sweet and earthy indica perfect for the insomniacs on your list. The resulting high is often calming and head-heavy with a mellow body high. The couch will seem more inviting and food will smell more enticing, so gift this before the big holiday dinner and share it with them just in time to wind down. Take it from this rater who wrote, “After a long work day, I just want to chill and be mellow. This herb seems to want to take me there in a kind and gentle way.”

Effect: Euphoria
Potency: 24.24% THC, 0.04% CBD

Flow Kana's Orange Creamsicle is a tasty cannabis flower with a strong head high. It tends to be uplifting with an energized body buzz. You'll likely feel some dry mouth, but that's okay because you should pack a water bottle for this perfect hiking high anyway. Yes, this is the gift for the earth-hugging yogis on your shopping list. Almost any outdoor activity is good with this bud, but it can just as easily be enjoyed indoors with a nature documentary. Just be sure the recipient of this gift is a practiced cannabis connoisseur. According to one rater, “This is hella strong. About to start a session of yoga and I'm just vibing with the birds outside my window. This is gonna be a ride.”

Effect: Arousal
Potency: 28% THC

Canndescent's Connect cannabis flower is the weed to buy for your significant other (unless you want to give your friends some mixed signals). It’s an earthy hybrid that provides an arousing energy and a lemony kick in flavor. If you have a holiday date night planned in the near future, pick this up. It’s much more enjoyable than a bouquet of roses. The high is typically happy and social in addition to being arousing, bringing you closer to your company while lifting your mood. Get the mood right even when you’re dealing with the impending panic attack of meeting each other’s families this holiday season. Just take it from the PCC rater who wrote, “I’m loving the sample for a morning wake and bake. It’s like a cup of coffee with a mood boost on the side.”

Effect: Energy with a side of Relief
Potency: 20% THC

Northern Emeralds' Sapphire Kush is an earthy hybrid with a flowery aftertaste. You can expect an uplifting head high and the occasional boost in focus that should suit your attention-challenged, overactive friends. The body buzz is slightly milder but relaxed. If you're already feeling energized, this should amplify that, too, so consider gifting this to your gym buddies. It’s also good for easing aches on a busy day, so now you can get them a flower that can do both. As one rater put it, “I’m getting lots of yard work done and getting in a good workout from it. This weed is making me less exhausted and achey.”

Effect: Relax
Potency: 12% THC

OLD PAL's Indica Ready To Roll is a package of pre-ground Dosido cannabis flower with a sweet herbal flavor. This is a good option for the person on your list who has yet to invest in a grinder or just lives by the seat of their pants. Get them to chill out with this simply calming buzz. The relaxed haze is good for laying back, breathing deep, and taking in the newest season of Rick and Morty. “Settling in for a super chill Saturday afternoon,” wrote one rater. “Music is on and I’m in the euphoric musical groove. The high is extremely enjoyable. Happy, relaxed, and clear with no paranoia.”

Effect: Euphoria
Potency: 24.65% THC

Caliva's Sky OG cannabis flower has a sour lemon and sage flavor and notably smooth smoke. The resulting high is typically energizing with a kick of focused inspiration. Give this to the person who really needs some self-care time. Just shove this in their stocking or equivalent present holder with instructions to cancel their plans, brew some coffee, and soak up the flow this high provides. This is this flower you take on your New Year escape trip. “Probably the most enjoyable flower I’ve smoked in a while,” attests one PCC rater. “I’m in such a good mood. Can't wait to cancel all these plans I’ve made tonight.”

Effect: Euphoria/Focus
Potency: 25% THC, 0.15% CBD

Classix's Blue Dream cannabis flower is a sativa-heavy hybrid with an earthy-sweet flavor. The hits come smoothly and the resulting high is often euphoric and balanced, so gift this to the one on your list in need of a reset. You can expect a soothing body buzz that accompanies the mood-boosting head high, which is great for problem-solving and clearing away clouded thoughts. Refresh the mind and follow the high. As one rater noted, “Getting lots of stuff done this morning thanks to this flower. Some great insights as well. This is opening up a lot of mental doors.”

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