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Caliva Black Jack


Caliva's Black Jack is a flower to tune into during a quiet moment. After a few hits of this Black Jack strain, you'll likely feel absorbed into your surroundings. It has a strong lemony flavor and energetic body buzz. If you're looking for a creative boost with an easy comedown, search no further. There's more below so read on for our full review.

Ranked 72 of 104 in Flowers for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 72 of 104 in Flowers for feeling Focused.

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Black Jack
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17.01% THC, 0.07% CBD

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Jack Herer, Black Domina

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Dial Into Elevated Creativity

Caliva's Black Jack delivers a creative, focused high if you’re open to it.

When a flower can be accurately referred to as that “good good,” it will deliver a high that has you flowing through the day like the arch of a killer album. From the intro you’re rolling up, grinding down, making those same old noises. There’s the grating crack of cured stems, a sharp lighter’s snap, the wrinkly crinkle of a Rizla. It’s a ritual that ends with you in a clear and creative weed-fueled state.

By the time I rolled up this supremely fruitastic Black Jack flower from Caliva, it was on and popping. The immense and obvious quality of the strain was apparent as I nudged each segment apart with my nails. As wise as it is to save every drop of kief with a quality grinder, breaking down buds this fine with your bare hands adds a pleasurable sensory experience that you don’t get from using a tool. An herbal stickiness remains on your fingertips until the next time you wash your hands, and I'm into it.

I sampled Caliva's Black Jack flower while bumming around Los Angeles for work. The robust high powered me through my day as I drove all over town, going from meeting to meeting and doing some writing in between. It provided me the focus I needed to stay on track, while simultaneously keeping me elevated enough to enjoy the vibes of the day.

This flower’s piney, creamy sweetness will make you want to burn the whole joint, frugality be damned.

Caliva’s Black Jack tastes like super premium flower. When you reach that special kind of "something else" high that can only come from really good flower, it's hard to revert back to East Coast herb without a grimace. Terpene-packed and delightfully fruity, this strain was bolder than others I’ve tried. Though that may come as no surprise since Caliva's goods have a consistently clean taste no matter the flavor profiles shining through in each pull of the joint.

For sativa fans, this flower’s piney, creamy sweetness will make you want to burn the whole joint, frugality be damned. If you’re normally hyper, this particular sativa strain is an excellent choice, as fruity terpenes will have you feeling dialed in, stimulated, and inspired.

Before burning down, though, take a moment to appreciate a strong diesel aroma. Smoke in a bowl if you lack self control, as this yummy flower will have you toking past either your wallet or brain’s limits with glee. If you take a whole joint to the face, make sure you have a big pile of work to tackle and use the potency to your advantage. Enjoy its robust profile and get to work before the high fully sets in, as Black Jack delivers a creative, focused high if you’re open to it.

This uplifting sativa with help you open up portals to enhanced cognitive performance and come correct when it’s time to perform. All in all, I can't think of anything better suited for a work trip that ended up feeling like a vacation. 

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February 4th, 2023
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