Black Jack



Product Details

17.01% THC, 0.07% CBD
Citrus, Earthy

Product Description

Caliva's Black Jack is a flower to tune into during a quiet moment. After a few hits of this Black Jack strain, you'll likely feel absorbed into your surroundings. It has a strong lemony flavor and energetic body buzz. If you're looking for a creative boost with an easy comedown, search no further. There's more below so read on for our full review.

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Expert Review

Dial Into Elevated Creativity

Review by Danielle Guercio

Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Caliva's Black Jack delivers a creative, focused high if you’re open to it.

When a flower can be accurately referred to as that “good good,” it will deliver a high that has you flowing through the day like the arch of a killer album. From the intro you’re rolling up, grinding down, making those same old noises. There’s the grating crack of cured stems, a sharp lighter’s snap, the wrinkly crinkle of a Rizla. It’s a ritual that ends with you in a clear and creative weed-fueled state.

By the time I rolled up this supremely fruitastic Black Jack flower from Caliva, it was on and popping. The immense and obvious quality of the strain was apparent as I nudged each segment apart with my nails. As wise as it is to save every drop of kief with a quality grinder, breaking down buds this fine with your bare hands adds a pleasurable sensory experience that you don’t get from using a tool. An herbal stickiness remains on your fingertips until the next time you wash your hands, and I'm into it.

I sampled Caliva's Black Jack flower while bumming around Los Angeles for work. The robust high powered me through my day as I drove all over town, going from meeting to meeting and doing some writing in between. It provided me the focus I needed to stay on track, while simultaneously keeping me elevated enough to enjoy the vibes of the day.