Kanha Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 15, 2020 · 4 min read

The PCC ranked and reviewed all of Kanha’s gummies to let you know which ones are worth your money.

Quoted: “This gummy is like yin and yang, the perfect balance between psychedelic fun and sensory awareness. These are a great companion for any adventure, and make the workday shimmer a little, too.”

Pros: This may be Kanha’s lowest scoring product, but it was still loved by our PCC members. With 10mg of THC they’re no slouch, but the experience they provide is balanced, clear and comes up slow. Be it a hike or jamming through some emails, you can expect even, focused and uplifting effects that switch gears to calm and relax you on the comedown.

Cons: The taste and texture are polarizing, but don’t shy away if Blue Raspberry is your thing.

Quoted: "I realize now that I’ve been high for a little while. It eases in like a sweet, spring breeze. I’m outside reading and listening to Erykah Badu. Is there a better way to spend your time?"

Pros: These mood-boosting, vegan gummies pack a citrus punch ready to erase your stress and lift you out of the fog. Be ready for a surge of energy to help you power through anything that doesn’t require too much focus. You can expect a heavier body buzz than you may be used to with sativas, but it shouldn’t bog you down.

Cons: While the initial taste is great, the aftertaste briefly lingers in a mildly unpleasant way.

Quoted: “I feel calm, relaxed and my hangover isn't as awful anymore. I'm zoned out watching horror movies at the moment. This is a good high to just chill out. It would be great for laying on the beach as well."

Pros: These take a step down from 10mg of THC to 5mg, and that makes them the versatile Swiss Army Knife of edibles. Happy vibes take over and leave you in a state of bliss that’s free of anxiety, depression and lingering pain. Our users were split on their level of focus, but no one can debate the burst of energy you’ll get. Get shit done, or at least get out of your head and have a good time.

Cons: Some users noted sedating effects on the comedown, but that isn’t a bad thing if you crushed your to-do list and you’re ready to call it a day.

Quoted: "I really like these gummies. They’re definitely tasty just like pink lemonade, and they provide a subtle high that’s slowly growing. I would highly recommend these for outdoor activities."

Pros: These delicious gummies have 5mg of THC and CBD, making them a solid doseable option and perfect starting point for anyone new to edibles. The effects slowly grow into a high that’ll chill you out and relieve any stress or pain. Use these to kill a hangover, or take them on a trip for a balanced daytime high that’ll never bring you down.

Cons: These check all the boxes, give ‘em a shot.

Quoted: "Big lime taste. Just got done with a long hike, and this is great for helping me relax and unwind. Some rumbling euphoria is afoot. Watching cold case files and losing myself."

Pros: These are the perfect doseable option for the lazy weed-filled weekend. This high is heavier in the body, which will leave you relaxed and euphoric without sacrificing any sharpness in your mind. The head high is noticeable, but the body buzz is the real star here. These are perfect for newbies, and a great option to unwind after a long hike or workout.

Cons: The munchies will hit you at some point, so be sure to keep your favorite snacks handy.

Quoted: "This took about 45 minutes to take hold. Absolutely delicious. Maybe the best strawberry flavored edible I’ve had to date. Currently reading a book, and I couldn’t be more comfortable if I was writing this from a kangaroo pouch."

Pros: The steady waves of euphoria from these indica gummies will leave you happy, warm and relaxed. They ramp up a bit quicker than their counterparts, so be sure you’re ready to end the active part of your day and be glued to the couch. Expect sweet flavors, a strong body buzz and heaviness behind your eyes, making these a great after-dinner treat turned sleep aid.

Cons: None to note, be sure to keep these around to unwind after a stressful day.

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