Leune Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 02, 2020 · 7 min read

We ranked and reviewed the products from Leune to find the ones that'll make you swoon.

Quoted: "Sweet like candy with no sugar crash. This smokes wonderfully and I feel clear and crisp, while my anxiety has lifted and my slight coffee stomach ache is gone. This is awesome. I feel a little energy lift too which is great. I can’t wait to party with this."

Pros: Sweet in both flavor and effects felt. This bubbly, light and uplifting high is perfect for those new to vaping or THC itself. If you like flavored, hookah like vapor, then this is the pen for you. Expect a rush of energy to take you clear through the afternoon. Great for parties, the park or any other social situation.

Cons: The flavor is polarizing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it might be best to go at this one if you have a sweet tooth. Convenient, but unsustainable. Please recycle properly to minimize impact. 

Quoted: "I’m using post-workout for muscle relaxation. Body buzz has settled in and is taking the edge off of the typical post run leg burn. Head effects are fairly strong out of the gate as well."

Pros: The same strain as the other two in its true and unadulterated form. This flower will give you a mood boost and relief from pain before it chills you out. You can take that newfound relaxation to the couch, but our users reported that powering through leaves you no worse for the wear on the other side. Good vibes ring true throughout the entire experience, so smoke this with confidence and conquer the day.

Cons: The smoke can be a bit harsh, but it’s more of the paper than the flower. 

Quoted: "After a long day of sightseeing in another city, I popped the indica cartridge in while getting ready to call a ride. Full from a long day of eating and drinking, the Cloud Berry lulled me into a dreamy state. I was glad the only thing left to do was crawl into bed."

Pros: This Pax equivalent of the pre-roll and disposable packs the same creative spark before the sleepy punch comes in to knock you out. Expect warm feelings that'll make you feel more connected with everything around you, and conversations with loved ones that much more meaningful. Sleep should come easy as any anxiety and lingering pain will be shown the door.

Cons: Sedating effects have been reported, but that may be just what you’re looking for!

Quoted: "This pre-roll burns evenly and hits heavy. Very stoney and great for a casual day of activities, like exploring the outdoors, or at least shopping in an outdoor mall."

Pros: This high can be a mixed bag, but not in a bad way. Smoke this on a weekend with little to no agenda, as the art project you’ve been putting off is just as likely to be accomplished as binging a show you never intended on watching. Either way, expect it to burn evenly and leave you happy.

Cons: Some slight dry mouth and heavy smoke, but nothing too crazy. 

Quoted: “When I began rating this I had a headache, and after vaping I'm feeling a lot better. It's not completely gone, but I'm feeling relaxed. Smooth and tasty hits have me wanting to start the second sesh asap!"

Pros: The Sol Berry will lift you up, and the Cloud Berry is here to bring you back down. While this strain may initially inspire you to get outside for some fresh air, you’ll be ready to get back in to chill on the couch with your favorite munchies in no time. The mild head high and heavier body buzz make this pain relieving strain a perfect option for those new to vaping.

Cons: Some users reported a mild headache—and same as the others, rip it regularly then recycle responsibly!

Quoted: "Just got to work. This is helping me not strangle people this morning. In all seriousness, I’m in a good head space right now. I’m being non-reactive and appreciative of the small things. An easy going high despite its high THC level."

Pros: Just like most Pax pods, the high-THC levels shouldn’t scare away daily users. The effects let you know who they are right away, but they don’t continue to ramp up and leave you in an uncomfortable place. Use this hybrid to reduce stress and anxiety, and pair it with your daily dose of caffeine to work through your weekend projects.

Cons: There’s the chance it will leave you a bit sleepy on the comedown, but you can hit it again to get lifted in no time. 

Quoted: "The initial high was a bit dopey, but I like how it settled in. I’m making a nice dinner for myself, and I did all my dishes and picked things up while I cooked. I'd say Desert Gold helped me be productive when I wasn't feeling it."

Pros: This concentrate will help you do just that. Keep this in your desk drawer for days you can’t seem to get motivated. The convenience of the Pax ERA offers discretion, and the fact that the product is sealed in the pod will make it last longer than its pre-roll cousin.

Cons: None to note, our users loved the approachable flavor and effects. 

Quoted: "Feeling euphoric, and my sense of focus is all the more noticeable. Great option when you’re feeling creative and want something that will help you push on that little extra bit. Though I can feel it becoming a heavier body high in a relaxing way.”

Pros: An evenly balanced high will give you pretty heady effects to start, but they fade to a comfortable and relaxing body buzz. Use this to overcome a hangover, or dive into any creative endeavor that isn’t too taxing. You’ll certainly be uplifted, but the balanced feeling of zen won’t make you want to commit to harder tasks.

Cons: None to note. This would be a great starting option for those experimenting with new THC products. 

Quoted: "This is a little harsher than the Cloud Berry vapor-wise, but there’s a more noticeable head high, too. I feel energetic, uplifted and social—and I’m enjoying the sunshine."

Pros: This is the perfect high to ride through the day without fear of a scary peak or heavy crash. Glide through chores and conversations with ease. Perfect for a girl’s night in, chilling with your partner or rewatching an old favorite movie.

Cons: While we understand the application—this isn't exactly environmentally friendly, so please recycle!

Quoted: "In back-to-back Zoom meetings, so I’m hitting this in my ten-minute break for a bit of a boost. This cartridge is so damn tasty, I love the flavor and it hits smoother than most vapes I’ve tried."

Pros: A super balanced high heavy in both THC and CBD is matched only by the crazy good flavor this pen provides. Perfect for vacations and discreet sessions with its sleek, all-in-one design. Expect to be happy and uplifted.

Cons: None other than the inherent unsustainability of disposable pens. Please recycle!

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